A Song Review: “Damn” by Emsee


Emsee has just freshly released his debut album, “Limbo,” via Celestial Sound Music Group, and “Damn” is one of 8 tracks featured. “Damn” is a 3-minute production that anyone who enjoys listening to rap and hip hop music should check out. Featuring lyrics that celebrate strengths and accomplishments, Emsee has also offered a music video for the track.

“Damn” is Emsee’s most popular track on Spotify, and it’s easy to see why after listening to it. It begins with a high-pitched synth beat that will immediately stick in listeners’ heads. Emsee’s lyrical prowess is undeniable. His innate ability to spin words into intricate, beautiful webs of meaning is something to behold.

Emsee enters with the first lyrics, “Diamonds on my grill.” Listeners will be able to visualize the lavish lifestyle Emsee is living. He isn’t afraid to show off his conquests, and the result is a catchy track that’s sure to get any party started.

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The music video features Emsee, KNG GST, and Big Tone rapping in a recording studio. Expressing their craft on center stage, they undeniably exhibit their passion and A-game in “Damn.” 

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