Album Feature: Catch the Wave by Doug Ferony

The 46-minute ballad collection, “Catch the Wave,” by music virtuoso Doug Ferony, was released on July 28. The new album is enriched by drawing a romantic environment with soft jazz instrumental arrangements supporting Ferony’s appealing silky tone.

Like his past other projects, Ferony teamed up with Doug Ferony Quartet on this album, which also includes Tyler Blanton on vibraphone, Mike Dopazo on alto and soprano saxes, Doug Munro on guitar, Nadav Snir-Zelniker on drums, Regan Ryzuk on piano, and Michael Goetz on bass. Khadafy Khan, Steve Kessler, and Clark Gault were in charge of making the musical arrangements. 

This work of art can only be the sonic brainchild of a supernatural mind. Everything about this fantastic album makes excellent use of harmony, switching up the melody and rhythm that flows brilliantly. The dynamics also harmonize extremely well, and different instruments come and go throughout.

I enjoy returning to this album time and time again since it always makes me think of romantic times spent with someone. Ferony’s smooth, refreshing and expressive vocal delivery is a wonderful complement to the ear-catching collection of instrumentation. It is indeed a beautiful listening experience. 

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