Album Review: “Hitchin’ It to Heaven” by Dean the Dream


Dean the Dream has released his sophomore album, “Hitchin’ It to Heaven.” Based in California, Dean the Dream has roots in classic rock & roll and blues, making this project a perfect listen for fans of both genres.

“Hitchin’ It to Heaven” features six tracks, along with “The Opening Act” – “Changes,” “Dying Staying Alive,” “Kiss Me Kill Me,” “Goodbye, Danny,” “It Hurts Me,” and the title track, “Hitchin’ It to Heaven.” All of them have their own distinct sounds, allowing Dean the Dream to introduce his music to a broad audience. For example, “The Opening Act” is entirely acapella and leads into the guitar-and-drums-driven “Changes.” Perhaps the most interesting song off the album is “Dying Staying Alive” simply from the paradox of the title; Dean the Dream’s soaring voice in the chorus also enhances the song. “Kiss Me Kill Me” is by far more inspired by hard rock than the three songs that precede it, with a heavy lyrical nature to match. This leads into the more midtempo “Goodbye, Danny,” which builds to a catchy and memorable chorus. “It Hurts Me” is a great companion song melodically, adding some funky and electric guitars to enhance the instrumental. Finally, the title track “Hitchin’ It to Heaven” is the most upbeat on the album and also the one where the drums are most prominent. 

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