Album Review: “Rock & Roll Fantasy” by The Fats


Canada-based The Fats finally released their debut album titled “Rock & Roll Fantasy” in July. A combination of creative talent, hard work, and consistency come together at this point to create this critically-acclaimed record. Here, The Fats proves to listeners that they are more than capable of putting together an impressive all-around effort. Featuring the tracks “Hellhound,” “Best of You,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Dirty Shirley,” “Get so High,” “On the Run,” “Big Boss Man,” “Walkin’ the Dog,” and “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy,” this 30-minute production is a great curtain-raiser to The Fats while also leaving listeners craving for more. 

Throughout the album, The Fats proves to listeners that they have a strong roster made up of talented individuals, each playing their own respective part to their best abilities. When combined with the vocals, The Fats give listeners rock music that can be enjoyed equally through headphones or at a concert alike. While there may be differing opinions on which track is one’s favorite track off the album, currently, the most popular one on Spotify is the title track, “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy.” Making references to rock & roll of the past, it is the final track off the album and leaves listeners remembering The Fats for the worthy rock band they are.  

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