Alec and Ana Tesa on How Eleven20 Tequila Comes To Life


Everyone knows the big-name tequila brands — Don Julio, Patron Silver, and Casamigos — but one name enthusiasts should learn about is Eleven20 Tequila. Founders Alec and Ana Tesa pride themselves on creating a premium tequila brand that is smoother and tastier than the competition. They say that the quality and taste directly reflect how it is made. 

Alec and Ana Tesa consider themselves tequila enthusiasts, which informed their product creation. “We have tried hundreds of tequilas over the years, but we could never find the ‘perfect’ one,” says Alec Tesa. “This gave us the drive and inspiration to create it ourselves. It has been a difficult process, but partnering with some of the best artisans in the tequila industry has allowed us to create a product that is extraordinary tasting and for all to experience.”

The best ingredients processed traditionally

Made of 100% pure blue agave, Eleven20 Tequila has an amazingly smooth taste that makes it perfect for both tequila aficionados and those just trying their first premium tequila. Eleven20 offers three types of tequila — a blanco, a reposado, and an añejo — with plans to expand soon into Mezcal. 

Eleven20 Tequila uses natural ingredients and traditional processing to ensure no additives are introduced into the tequila during the distillation process. Using only purified water and high-quality blue agave, the distillery that Eleven20 partners with pays meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a tequila that tastes cleaner and crisper than any other brand available on the market. 

Of course, creating premium-quality tequila requires using premium ingredients, and Eleven20 Tequila uses only the highest-quality raw materials available. Their agave fields are located in the valley of the Tequila Volcano near Jalisco in Mexico. A mere eight miles away from the volcanic crater, the fields are naturally fertilized by the volcanic minerals in the soil, giving the agave an exceptional profile that creates a distinctly herbaceous flavor without being too sweet. 

The farmhands on the field use traditional techniques to cultivate and harvest the agave, eschewing modern machinery in favor of cleaning and making the furrows as it has been done for generations. This commitment to agricultural tradition shows the respect that the Eleven20 team has for the land and the local culture.  

After it is harvested, the agave makes its way to a local family-owned distillery run by master distiller Jesús Correa, who, as the Maestro Tequilero, honors his family tradition and the education that his father gave him as a tequila artisan. By eliminating modern practices and techniques such as diffusers and distillation towers, the distillery ensures that the taste of the tequila is never compromised.

A high-quality tequila unlike any other

This process results in a tequila that is great for mixing into cocktails but is even better for sipping on its own. “Only the highest-quality premium tequilas are suitable as ‘sipping tequilas’ where you can sip on them neat,” explains Alec. “Some drinkers may add a bit of water or ice to their taste, but Eleven20 Tequila is smooth and delicious enough that it doesn’t require anything more to make for a wonderful beverage.” 

In recognition of its premium taste profile, Eleven20 Tequila has been selected to be the official tequila of National Margarita Day in February 2023 and National Tequila Day in July 2023. “Receiving both of these honors shows how wonderfully versatile of a tequila we have created,” Ana says. “Not only have we created one of the best tequilas on the market, but we have created a tequila so good that it will elevate one of the most classic and beloved tequila cocktails in the world.” 

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For the Eleven20 team, premium tequila is born out of a commitment to quality in two ways: using only the best ingredients and ensuring that the tequila is distilled using traditional methods that preserve the quality of the distillate. “We love the tequila we created, and we hope others will too,” says Alec and Ana.

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