Alexander and Gabriel Reveal How to Close Million Dollar Sales Online


There is no denying that the selling process has undergone some adjustments due to the digital age. The adage that a salesperson should be focused on the ABCs of sales — Always Is Closing — will always have some validity. However, for the outdated strategies to be useful selling tools on social media platforms, they must be given a contemporary makeover. Companies like Kalin Balance serve this very purpose and are also coaching sales professionals and common people worldwide on the tips and tricks to close deals online; on social media. In Stockholm, Sweden, Kalin Balance was founded by Alexander Kalin & Gabriel Samuelsson in 2021. With a team of 2 executives, they strive to learn and teach the power of social media to people from all walks of life every single day.

Why Online Marketing?

User-generated content is one strategy used by social media to assist create leads. It is but one illustration of how social media may be utilized to boost sales. User-generated content aids in demonstrating the value that other consumers place on your brand. Additionally, paying close attention to what is being stated in your feeds offers several opportunities to respond to inquiries and discover more about the problems that customers are experiencing. To create a space and environment suitable for everybody, Alexander and Gabriel have collaborated with organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs from across the world for the past two years. They claim that you may develop inventive ways to apply these strategies to your social media platforms by looking at a few conventional closing strategies. They always welcome enthusiasts and professionals looking to expand their knowledge and expertise on their Instagram @kalinbalance. Being just a DM away from their fans has always been one of their USPs!

How It All Started?

Both Alexander and Gabriel are 17-year-olds, still in High-School. Both of them were born into middle-class families. They started working online at the age of 15. It didn’t take them long to generate 6 figures at 16 years of age. Now, they have a solid portfolio of working with sales, branding, and coaching. They help agencies and 7 figure entrepreneurs with sales and branding. Plus, they are also coaching 200+ students from all over the world. Their especially coach people on how to close high-value deals on social media or what we can call DM Closing!

Using the Now-or-Never Technique

Alexander and Gabriel claim that making consumers feel as though they must act immediately is a tried-and-true tactic for salesmen and for all kinds of advertisements. The same thing can be observed on many online purchasing sites as well as on shopping channels. People are more likely to take action when there is a sense of urgency because they fear missing out if they don’t. It’s a ruse that uses phrases like “limited time offer,” “just 15 products remaining,” or even “free shipping and a pair of Ginsu knives.”

The Little Twist

Due to the possibility of FOMO being induced, this can be effective on social media (Fear Of Missing Out). You can engender a feeling of urgency and encourage participants to feed the frenzy with comments and likes by including this kind of offer in your feed. After a compliment or in your response to a query, include this offer. Using this strategy on social media requires creativity and attention to what is happening in your feed because obvious sales are rarely successful.

Bringing It All Together

Alexander and Gabriel go on to say that emphasizing all the benefits and value that a consumer would gain from their purchase will assist in building value. Everything provided may be summarized and related to the pain points you have discovered via your interactions. This one succeeds because you emphasize all the benefits they will receive and make it clear to them that this is a unique offer. It may also serve as a checklist, and to close the purchase, you might ask, “So that’s everything when would you want us to deliver it?” Alexander and Gabriel advise being inventive and coming up with ideas for how to convey the synopsis of your offering in front of your fans. You may include a video that observes frequent pain locations in a talkative, humorous way and lets you link those pain areas to items. Another option is to subtly provide a free checklist download or white paper that folks may get by clicking on it. Once more, the idea is to repurpose an old-school closing strategy for usage on social networking sites.

The Question-Close Method

They said that the greatest method to determine why your consumer wants your product or service is to ask questions. You may find out what they want by asking them questions, which also gives you a chance to think of responses to any potential objections they may have. Asking questions can also provide you with feedback on your performance. You might follow up by asking, “Does that assist with the issue?” after you’ve shared a fact about your product that you believe will help with some of their difficulties. Questions are effective because you may go toward the closure if they respond positively. If they respond negatively, you can probe why and work to address more of their problems. If you use Instagram, you are probably aware of one of the newest strategies businesses and individuals use to interact with their audience: posing a question or even encouraging their followers to do so and receiving an immediate response. This method is effective because it gives you the chance to learn what concerns your clients have, giving you opportunities to supply quick fixes involving your products.

What’s Next?

Looking forward to the future, they aim to hit 7 figures before 18. They are also hopeful of reaching 1000+ students in the coming months. To cater to their larger audience, they are present through several accounts on TikTok. You can stay updated with their latest courses on their website: They accept business queries at Talking about their social life, you can stay in touch with them on Instagram @kalinbalance.

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