4 Reasons You Should Register for the AmazonSmile App

Many businesses and organizations have added new tools to secure more funding. In 2014, Amazon launched the AmazonSmile app which donates 0.5% of Amazon purchases to a charity of the buyer’s choice. 

Although 0.5% of an AmazonSmile App item sale doesn’t sound like a lot, but there are plenty of reasons to register your charity with AmazonSmile. 

Lucrative Funding with AmazonSmiles

For large organizations, AmazonSmile App can provide your organization with substantial funding. Many of the largest charities nationwide utilize AmazonSmile’s platform to reap millions for their charitable cause. 

Small org? You should still register with AmazonSmile.

Although your charity won’t receive millions in donations, it doesn’t hurt to have an additional funding source every month! Be prepared to run some advertisements to encourage buyers to donate to your charity. 

AmazonSmile is Easy to Set Up

AmazonSmile’s platform allows all 501(c)(3) charities to sign up with ease. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Find your charity or EIN and select the organization you represent. Double-check your organization name to avoid mistaking another organization with a similar name.
  2.  Accept the AmazonSmile Participation Agreement on behalf of your organization – you must log in to an organization administrator account. 
  3. Verify your email to prove your identity. Amazon recommends you use an email address associated with your charitable organization. 
  4. Submit your charitable organization’s bank account information.
  5. Upload a copy of a voided check to verify that you represent the proper organization with the correct bank account information. 

For more information, visit AmazonSmile’s informational website.

Nearly Everyone Shops on Amazon

Most of your supporters shop on Amazon. Your supporters can support you by introducing your organization to the AmazonSmile App without paying an extra cent! When your supporters purchase on Amazon, 0.5% of eligible sales will go to you. 

Most supporters buy through Amazon; why not have a portion of that go to you instead Amazon? 

The AmazonSmile App is Easy to Use and Offers Long-term Donations

The AmazonSmile app is user-friendly with long-term donation options. Amazon remembers your most loyal supporters’ charity choices and automatically enables long-term donation options. The AmazonSmile app can seamlessly integrate into any buyer’s purchasing journey – reducing the friction of donation.

Even if you are a small organization with only a few supporters, their monthly purchases can quickly add up to substantial funding!

Closing Remarks

If you’re running a charitable organization, the AmazonSmile app can provide you with passive residual funding. With its user-friendly platform and accessible app, your loyal supporters can continue to support you while shopping online. 

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