America’s Best Cities for Singles This Cuffing Season

Dating Sunday has come and gone this January 2nd, with record numbers of fresh-faced singles hitting up Tinder and Hinge platforms. For those who missed the memo, Cuffing Season still has more than a month to go, and this first one of the year may “become more like ‘Dating January’,” according to a statement from the founder and CEO of Inner Circle David Vermeulen.

So, if you are still prowling around the dating scene for a cozy relationship, the first year of this new year is one for you. Even better news, a new city study from moveBuddha has revealed which US cities offer the absolute best chances to find a partner and face the rest of this year’s chilly winter months — hopefully with a new +1.  

To measure which cities were the best for those looking to partner up this cold winter season, data analyst at moveBuddha, Joe Robison, rewarded points to cities with:

Sources included CDC, US Census Data, IMLS, Yelp, Numbeo, and Best Places. 

The Best Cities for Getting Cuffed 

Here are the 25 top-ranked cities in the United States for Cuffing Season.

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Our analysis shows a distinct cuffing cluster of 18 cities between Omaha, NE, and Syracuse, NY. In particular, each of Ohio’s six most populous cities appears in our top 25,” Robison reports in the study. “College towns fare especially well in our ranking of the best cities for Cuffing Season. In fact, nearly every city in our top 25 is home to a major university.”

Read on for details of the “best of” among the top 25 ranked cities for Cuffing Season. 

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