Amplify Your Sleep Hygiene with the Manta Sleep Mask Pro

Do you want to sleep much better this summer and beyond? Try out the Manta Sleep Mask PRO — it is THE most advanced sleep mask on the planet! Manta Sleep Mask PRO features true 100% blackout for deeper sleep (even in broad daylight), C-shaped eye cups for unbeatable side sleep comfort, and zero pressure on the eyelids or lashes. Uncompromisingly engineered for side sleepers, the PRO’s eye cups sit completely flat against your temple without sacrificing eye space. So there’s nothing between your head and your pillow.


The eye cups feature a smart “air bubble” that expands to keep light out when switching positions and compresses flat when you lie on your side. So you get a perfect blackout seal with none of the bulk. Featuring an infinitely adjustable fit, specialized ventilation holes, and cooling perforated foam, this mask offers unmatched breathability and ventilation (powered by advanced material science). Even the logo cutout in each eye cup is breathable — welcome to 360° airflow! You will have no-expenses-spared comfort.

Soft & Cooling

The PRO’s angled strap sits above your ears, not on them — so there’s no contact between your mask and your ears in any position. And its grippy, anti-slip gel ensures it stays put all night long. The mask’s interior is made of Tactel®, an advanced fabric that’s 2x as soft, 3x as durable, and 8x faster drying than most fabrics. It gently guides heat away from your face to stay cool and comfortable. This ingenious mask retails for $89.00 at

Manta Sleep’s Mission 

Manta Sleep’s mission is to empower light sleepers to sleep better so they can do more. Manta Sleep believes great sleep is the non-negotiable foundation you need to create your best life. That it’s impossible to unlock your full potential if you’re not getting an afternoon nap every day. And that naps beat coffee hands down. Everything Manta Sleep creates is fueled by their drive to enable better lives through better sleep and regular naps.

Manta Sleep Founder Mark Zhang on why he created the Manta Sleep mask:

“I’ve been a light sleeper for as long as I can remember, and I started using a sleep mask when I was 15 years old. The problem with generic sleep masks is that they are either uncomfortable, don’t block out the light, or fall apart after three months. And I always thought we could build a better product, so my business partner and I started Manta Sleep, launching our sleep mask by crowdfunding via Kickstarter and Indiegogo — we ended up raising $700,000+ to start the company! 

Another part of the inspiration is… I’ve always felt that as a light sleeper if somehow I was able to improve the quality of my sleep, I’d be the king of the world. I experienced a lot of frustration from not being able to sleep well, waking up tired, and then not having enough energy and concentration to pursue my goals in life. So a central focus of Manta Sleep is to empower light sleepers to sleep better so they can do more in life. They can pursue their goals and live a better life.”

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