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Discussing Colostrum with ARMRA Founder Dr. Sarah Rahal, M.D.

What problem does ARMRA solve?

Modern living is taking a toll on our health. Today, over 54% of children have a chronic disease diagnosis; in the 1960s, only 1.6% did. Approximately 90,000 new chemicals have been introduced into public use over the past 50 years, with only about 1% being tested for safety. 

Chronic diseases have been exploding in recent decades. Our genes didn’t suddenly mutate; these health issues are being driven by the modern environment, which has rapidly changed, with unprecedented pollutants in the air we breathe, pesticides and anti-nutrient ingredients in our food system, and unregulated and unsafe chemicals in our everyday body and home care products. They drive inflammation, and we see a surge of autoimmune problems, allergies, digestive complaints, obesity, mental fog, bloating, sleep problems, and skin issues because of it. While our bodies were designed to ensure we thrive, today’s environment was not.   

ARMRA Colostrum Immune Revival is a pure bovine colostrum concentrate. It is a single whole-food ingredient sourced from grass-fed cows on family-owned U.S. dairy farms and harnessed by our patent-pending Cold-Chain BioPotent™ Technology, which naturally contains over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients from bovine colostrum. These nutrients are exclusive to colostrum and can’t be found in any other natural source. We preserve them in their most pure and bioavailable form and ensure a perfect match to human physiology. ARMRA Colostrum strengthens the body’s immune barriers along the entire inside of the body, creating a tight seal that guards against inflammation and these everyday toxins and pollutants that threaten health. When you take ARMRA, you fuel your body with potent prebiotics that supports your whole-body microbiome, a host of peptides and antibodies that strengthen the immune barriers, and dozens of antioxidants and bioactive molecules that optimize cellular pathways throughout the body for whole-health benefits. 

ARMRA is a one-stop solution that restores foundational health, catalyzing transformational benefits, including optimized immunity and digestion, ignited metabolism, and improved mental and physical fitness.

How can colostrum transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

The body has the powerful ability to heal itself when equipped with the proper nutrients to do so. I saw an opportunity to address the health challenges posed by the modern environment with an ancient superfood that was uniquely suited for the task. A safe, effective, and accessible tool that could meaningfully improve the health of anyone who took it—infant, child, or adult—for around $1 a day. At scale, the societal impact could be massive.

Dr. Sarah Rahal, M.D. Entrepreneur

What is the founder’s story?

I am a physician with expertise in functional medicine and environmental health. Before founding ARMRA, I spent most of my career running a busy practice in New York as a pediatric neurologist specializing in headache and facial pain in children. It was during this time, witnessing the boom in chronic disease in young kids, and also struggling with my own gut health issues, that I uncovered the troubling role the modern environment played.

ARMRA is a brand I founded with a mission to empower anyone with a simple, accessible tool that can meaningfully improve their foundational health and free them to live their fullest life. Bovine colostrum has been used as a supplement for its transformational health benefits for thousands of years, dating back to ancient medicine in the east and Ayurveda, which is considered a sacred food. Colostrum is backed by over 5,000 research publications attesting to its clinical efficacy. 

My goal was not only to introduce colostrum to the mass market but also to develop a product of the highest integrity and matched for human health. ARMRA invented a proprietary, low-temperature process—called Cold-Chain BioPotent Technology—that protects all of the fragile bioactive nutrients of colostrum in their purest and most bioavailable form and removes the dairy compounds that humans don’t need. What’s left is the purest and potent colostrum concentrate available, and one that third-party research has shown to confer 32% stronger antibacterial immune protection than other colostrums. As a safe, whole food, it can be easily incorporated into the daily routine of anyone at any age. Our innovation is centered around preserving and protecting the integrity of colostrum, which Mother Nature has already spent millions of years honing for health. Rather than overengineer, as so much tech in the industry is now focused on doing, we respect the wisdom inherent in the raw, natural product. 

How did you come up with the idea for ARMRA?

I was witnessing everything I was reading in the literature in my medical practice—that chronic diseases have exploded over the past few decades. I was living it every day with my patients and months-long waiting list. And at the same time, I was suffering through my own serious health challenges, with even my smartest medical colleagues only able to offer me Band-Aid options to help. 

While researching colostrum, I discovered a natural, whole food powered by over 200+ exclusive peptides, antibodies, growth factors, whole-food prebiotics, trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and bioactive molecules that had the power to strengthen the body’s first lines of defense against the modern exposures I learned was so detrimental, and restore health at this very foundational pathway. And an overwhelming 5,000 research publications attested to colostrum’s health benefits. I wondered, why doesn’t everybody know about this?

ARMRA Reviews

What do customers love most about ARMRA? What are they saying?

The response from customers has been overwhelming. In fact, we’ve sold out five times and had challenges early on as we were beginning to scale the business because the adoption exploded, and we could barely keep the product in stock long enough to meet demand. 

While many customers begin taking the product for a specific health concern, such as bloating, because ARMRA Colostrum addresses a foundational pathway in the body, what our customers love most is that they notice meaningful changes in so many other aspects of their health—sometimes unexpectedly. Customers report dramatic changes in their daily energy levels, sleep, and mood, digestive benefits, weight loss, better fitness performance, and most notably, hair regrowth and powerful anti-aging changes in their skin. We have more and more customers now sharing photos of their gray hair turning back to its original color. 

I encourage everyone to read the testimonials on our website because they humble me and blow me away every single day! I’m always discovering more about ARMRA’s power from our customers. 

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Where can people get ARMRA?

Information about how ARMRA works, the research behind its development, purchasing options, and customer testimonials can be found on our website at

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