Artist Feature: Clint Maedgen

This artist feature is on the well-seasoned folk singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Clint Maedgen. Anyone who enjoys listening to folk music should check out Clint Maedgen’s work and those who enjoy indie rock. His name may be very familiar as he has been in the music business for over two decades. He was seen as a multi-instrumentalist frontman for the rock band Liquidrone from 1992 to 2004. He also led the musical band The New Orleans Bingo! Show from 2001 to 2012. 

Clint Maedgen creates music that can speak to anyone, as he consistently writes about world events and what to make of them. This is true, for example, in his song “Sandra Already Knows,” he writes specifically for one of his patreons. This is his most recently released single, as well as his most popular one on Spotify. Other popular songs of his include “Transmixturadio (Dream Pop Mix),” “Hanging on for My Baby’s Arms,” “The Kid’s up the Block on Old St Roch,” and “La Grenouille.” It is highly recommended one listen to Clint Maedgen’s full collection of music to truly understand his perspective on events and how he shapes them into his creations. 

He is currently running weekly episodes online that are a blend of Hollywood Squares meets Austin City Limits, in addition to private concerts. This also led him to make a quality living by earning currency through nurturing connections through his Patreon page ( 

Clint Maedgen’s work also expands past music and into fine art photography. As stated on his website, he photographs in 33mm and does no digital altering on any of his works. He includes a gallery on this website, where viewers will be able to look at his works and appreciate the intricacies of the photos. Additionally, he designs and sells French quarter doorbell throw pillows inspired by his photos. Clearly, Clint Maedgen has an eye for photography and an ear for music – certified creative!
To listen to Clint Maedgen’s music on Spotify, visit this link (

To check out the Clint Maedgen Fine Art Photography website, visit this link (

Finally, to explore Clint Maedgen’s french quarter doorbell throw pillows, visit this link ( 

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