Ashton Morrison is Helping Anx in his Successful Career

The music industry can be an extremely tough one to break into. Different musicians all over the world try their luck day after day, hoping they will succeed and reach their audience. However, this journey can be made easier with the help of a manager who knows where to go, who to reach out to, and how to connect with your following. That is why Ashton Morrison is helping Anx in his successful career.


Morrison, better known as skinnyboyash, is a young entrepreneur who has focused on building a social media presence — Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube — creating a clothing line, and managing his best friend’s music career. “Being so caught between three different industries is tough, but it’s good that these three are so intertwined.”


skinnyboyash found his passion in several projects, but his main goal is to help musician Anx reach the audience he always dreamed of. It all started when he moved to LA with Sol Jay, Nikko Raguso, and Anx himself. Morrison began to understand that the music industry in that part of the country was thriving because everybody knew each other. He described it as a web in which everyone is connected. As he began meeting new people and networking, he was able to see a future for his best friend.


When he began managing Anx’s career, he wanted to make it clear to everyone that they were a team that had combined their power and knowledge to dive into the industry. Now, the two of them have become a well-known magical duo who can captivate audiences and create music for all sorts of people. At the end of 2021, they released Anx’s new album, Maybe One Day, I’ll Die Happy, giving listeners something exciting for the new year.


When he is not too busy managing, coming up with new clothing, or creating content, skinnyboyash can be found on TikTok. His followers — over 169K of them — can see him posting about anime, his day-to-day life, in his car, with his friends, and about his cats. His account is a glimpse into the life of a young manager who is helping his friend get his break in the industry.

Becoming a professional, paid, renowned musician can be extremely challenging. However, there are people out there trying to help these young musicians get their big break. One of them is Ashton Morrison, skinnyboyash, helping Anx in his successful career. Networking, posting on social media, and showcasing his friend’s talent are leading both of these young men down the right path in the industry.

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