Authors Hope Children’s Book on Stock Trading Finds Its Way Into Classrooms

Stock Trading

The strategies behind successful stock trading are typically taught in college to those pursuing degrees in accounting, business, or finance. Xochitl Rodriguez, President of Real Life Trading, believes it is too late. Her view is that stock trading is something that should be taught to students in elementary school. 

To help see that vision become a reality, Xochitl has co-authored “A Stock Market Journey: Making Sure Young Adults Win In Real Life.” The book, which she hopes will make its way into grade-school classrooms across the nation, bridges the knowledge gap in financial education. It is now available on Amazon. 

“Real Life Trading is committed to changing the narrative in financial education for children and young adults,” said Xochitl. “Our desire is for everyone, regardless of age, to learn and understand how the stock market works. We want to teach people as early as possible that they can be investors — not just consumers.” 

“A Stock Market Journey” uses the story of four children and their love for video games to teach readers about financial awareness and wealth. When the friends’ gaming activities result in the accumulation of a fortune in virtual coins, one decides she would rather be rewarded in real money. Her quest to achieve that goal leads her to explore the world of stock trading. 

Xochitl drew heavily upon her background in childhood education in crafting the teaching that is presented in “A Stock Market Journey.” The book engages and educates children with an easy-to-follow presentation of concepts such as economics, supply and demand, technical analysis, interpretation of data, spatial thinking, and critiquing the reasoning of others. To empower teachers who want to add the book to their classroom resources, the book includes practice sections that allow students to apply real-life trading strategies. 

In addition to presenting financial concepts, “A Stock Market Journey” also helps children to develop a healthy emotional perspective on wealth and finances. It explores the importance of teamwork, friendship, generosity, and commitment to making the world better. 

“Children are the future of the stock market,” says Jerremy Alexander Newsome, Xochitl’s book co-author. “Our mission is to enrich lives, and that starts with educating our young people with the skills needed to build their financial future.” 

Jerremy is a sought-after stock market analyst, educator, and the best-selling author of several books, including Amazon’s No.1 best-seller “Money Grows on Trees” and “The Naked Trader.” In addition to these accolades, he is also the CEO of Real Life Trading. 

Jeremy’s contribution to “A Stock Market Journey” includes first-hand experience with how kids and the stock market can connect. He did his first trading at the age of six, using the money he earned from selling blackberries door-to-door to purchase Apple stock. Six years later, Jerremy, with the help of his dad, sold his Apple stock for four times what he had paid for it. The experience launched him on a journey that eventually led to the founding of Real Life Trading, which provides mentoring for traders of all ages. 

Through the Real Life Trading website, Jerremy and the Real Life team provide online courses in financial literacy, including instruction on stock trading, day trading, cryptocurrency, and algorithmic trading. Children who read and enjoy “A Stock Market Journey” can continue their education on the Real Life Trading website. The Kids Trading Course, offered for free on the site, instructs stock market trading, self-worth, and the discipline necessary for becoming a successful trader. The Trading for Young Adults course teaches more advanced concepts, including how to place stock trades, the “math of money,” and how to take charge of your financial future. 

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“Teaching our kids financial literacy is paramount,” Jerremy says. “The children and young adults in our lives are the future. When we take the time to help them learn how diligence, fortitude, and wisdom empower their finances, we make the world a better place for all of us.”

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