Back To School: Two Important Factors to Consider

Is it already that time of the year again?! The summer is over, and students are going back to school here in Orlando, Florida. While students and teachers are switching their focus from the sandy beaches of summer to the essence of a ready-to-go classroom, there is certainly anticipation about how the school year is going to go, given that the everlasting virus of Covid-19 is still affecting people every day. Even more so, Covid-19 is not only still in existence as we are entering another school year, but there is now a new variant that appears to be affecting vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. With this in mind, there are two important factors to consider as we enter another school year.

By taking these two factors into consideration, both students and teachers will have the opportunity to feel just a little bit safer when going outside of their homes and into the classroom setting. While there is the realization that Covid-19 is continuing to spread, with no end in sight, by taking small steps, such as considering wearing a mask, to the consistency of washing hands and utilizing social distancing, the prevention of contagion can be lessened to an extent, and the school year can continue with the focus on learning. We can only hope that one day, Covid-19 and its variant can be stopped, but for now, we must come together as a community, and help protect those wanting to teach, and those ready to learn.

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