EP Review: “Ballads in the Key of Dark” by 9 Naked Mannequins

Ballads in the Key of Dark

9 Naked Mannequins has released their sophomore EP “Ballads in the Key of Dark.” This EP contains five songs: “Ride Along,” “Rebel,” “Hide & Seek,” “All Gone,” and “Waves.” Given 9 Naked Mannequins is a band that mixes a wide variety of genres and “Ballads in the Key of Dark” clearly reflects this, the EP is bound to be enjoyed by a very broad audience. In particular, fans of hip hop, funk, pop, and electronic music should certainly give this EP a listen, as well as anyone needing new songs that deal with topics such as love and loss. 

The first song, “Ride Along,” starts with synths and is a mid-tempo song throughout. There is a sense of comfort through listening to it, particularly the lyric “Promise you’ll be safe.” The next song, “Rebel,” is a bit faster while still maintaining the foundation of the sound created by “Ride Along” until the middle of the song, where there is a rap. “Hide & Seek” sees the narrator longing to be in the same place as a certain other person and leads into two more uptempo songs in “All Gone” and “Waves” to close our the EP. 

To listen to “Ballads in the Key of Dark” and all other music by 9 Naked Mannequins, visit their Bandcamp profile (https://9nakedmannequins.bandcamp.com/).

To follow 9 Naked Mannequins on Instagram @9nakedmannequins, visit this link (https://www.instagram.com/9nakedmannequins/).

Finally, be sure to connect with 9 Naked Mannequins by checking out their Linktree page (https://linktr.ee/9NM).

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