Blu Boy: Visual artist, fashion designer, founder of WNTD Apparel


Born Hassan Secka, better known as “Blu Boy” the Atlanta, Georgia native, has always been passionate about fashion and designing since his early childhood.

“My struggles as an independent artist and fashion line owner have taught me a lot of lessons about owning a business and managing people. I learned alot from having to do everything by myself, at first to save cost and conserve resources, then later because I realized nobody could do any better for you than you”.Blu founded his clothing brand WNTD Apparel in 2014. From the very first time I designed a piece of clothing, I loved how fashion allowed me to express my artistry.

“As an artist, you need your audience right in front of your work for them to grasp your artistry to the fullest, but as a designer, you can live in my art. I don’t have to bring my sketchbook to you”, Blu said.

Blu added that it was hard starting out as he didn’t have funding or the money to hire anyone, so he had to take on everything by himself. “I had to teach myself to be my cheerleader, to be designer, marketer, model, financial adviser, and everything. I learned on the job from scratch, sometimes by trial and error”, he stated.Blue says that while it wasn’t easy, he wouldn’t trade the experience he gained during his come-up years for anything. “Learning from scratch and experience only made me stronger and to this day I still run my brand fully independently.”

Nko says the high points of his career as an artist and designer so far have been designing his collection with true Religion, working with MCM, dropping my 6th collection, and participating in his first complex event.“I always tell people that art is war because sometimes you are going to have to fight for your ideas, dreams, and values as an artist. The uphill battle never ends, but it’s your job to make your art worth fighting for.”

Blu believes that for independents like himself, collaboration is always key, especially strategic ones that will position you in such a way that it is more visible to intending and prospective clients. He also believes that with self-belief and faith in God, nothing is impossible.The barriers I’ve been able to break as an independent artist so far are phenomenal, and all of it couldn’t have happened without faith in God and dogged determination on my part.

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