Brian Crandell Shares Insight on How to Get Your A** Moving Towards Your Goals In 2022


Brian Crandell, the co-founder of A1 Trading Academy based out of Miami, FL, is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. But don’t mistake that kindness for weakness or for a lack of tenacity. He’s a relentless worker who only sees what’s in front of him when he’s accomplishing something.

I say in the process of accomplishing something because he leaves that to be his only option. That’s actually a huge part of his success.

“I get tunnel vision. When I’m after a goal or set my mind on something, I am very sound in that decision. I will not budge in any other direction other than the direction that it takes to get to where I’m trying to go.” -Brian.

Brian took this mentality into his trading career and has developed himself into one of the most reliable experts in the Forex Trading space. He prides himself in really diving deep with his students to help them understand their own style of trading in the Forex Markets.

“When someone makes the financial decision and the time commitment to become a student, I make sure that I make it my mission to pour as much time and effort into giving them the proper environment that they need to succeed as traders. It’s not an easy world to jump into by any means at all. So I just try to ensure they have the best chance of success if they’re willing to work for it.” -said Brian.

Brian’s relaxed, focused demeanor quickly changes to a no bull**** attitude as soon as he hits the charts. But you’d never know that just looking on the surface level. Brian believes that if you truly desire success, you have to dive deep into what you’re doing and separate yourself from everybody else trying to succeed at doing what you’re doing.

“It’s a lot like running a race. You can’t put in a middle-of-the-pack effort and expect to come out on top with a gold medal. You have to put in the time and effort to train to be the best or one of the best at your job. Sometimes that means you have to fall all over yourself a bunch of times. Sometimes it means you aren’t going to sleep much or have much free time to watch Netflix or go out at night. But the point is that whatever it takes, you must be willing to do it. Or you’re just going to end up with average to below average results.”

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