Bringing Love and Life Back Into Music- J. Griffie

This year, J. Griffie Reeled in 155k listeners, making strides in his music career with over 200k digital streams worldwide. With his unique writing and production and help and support from groundbreaking producers like multi-platinum Jimmy Duval, DJ Ale Mora, Aye- P, Nyalate, Dubba AA, and Bado Deadfresh, Griffie has been able to take his passion to a professional level.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Griffie began his journey with his mother’s laptop and Fl Studios. Adolescence got the best of young Griffie, so he was inevitably released from the nest at 16 and ended up finding his way street performing with Real Mus-IQ. After traveling to Austin with them for SXSW 2017 and signing to Lil flip’s Clover G records, Griffie decided to start taking his musical conceptions seriously. When his contract ended, he decided to go independent and continue building connections and performing periodically. Two years after graduating from James Madison high school, Griffie moved to Winter Park, Florida, to study Music Production at Full Sail University. After a few months of classes, Griffie started interning at studios around Orlando and truthfully began going to school less often. However, this backfired as he was put on academic probation for missing too many classes, so he decided to withdraw and take the next step in his career.

Bringing a young manifestation to life, Griffie began traveling with Bado Deadfresh, recording new artists, and collaborating with new producers. He sharpened his skills as an audio engineer and an artist, recording and building a catalog of hundreds of songs. In 2019, he settled in Boynton with a new manager, Skill Williams. During his time with Skilly, songs were flowing from Griffie like “Niagara,” polished enough to capture the attention of the likes of T- Pain, Ari Lennox, Sony Digital, Zaytoven, Dj Hed, and WifisFuneral. After meeting on Instagram Live, Griffie was invited by Jimmy Duval to work on Wifi’s Pain album, placing their collaboration “Take Me Away” as track seven, currently with over 1.2 million digital streams.

In April of 2020, Griffie Moved back to Jacksonville and was in desperate need of a job and a studio. By the grace of the universe, he was taken in by Maine SFSG and Precision Sound Studios. With his mind on the music, Griffie created new bonds with Hublot Rich and ignited previous relationships with Ale Mora to achieve two separate international distribution deals with Green Room records for “Gucci Sheets” and Mixmash Records for “Runaway.”

Currently, Griffie records and engineers at Precision Sound Studios, cultivating his next move. Griffie is only Dropping NFT collectible versions of his music now, and he intends to begin dropping new music again when he thresholds at 500k digital streams.

For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact J. Griffie at or

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