Cadillac Rah Releases New Single “What She Wants” ft. Diop’s


Brooklyn raised Cadillac Rah drops a hot new single “What She Wants” featuring Diop’s Chord. These two artists came up with the concept of the song based off of past relationships. Incorporating their pain into vocals and instruments, helped allow their audience to connect to the song. They wanted their lyrics to speak to everyone and hopefully enlighten people. The concept of the song talks about the struggle of trying to maintain a relationship with a person that you’re involved with. Due to 85% of failed relationships, people are not willing to move forward with their next relationship to find out exactly what a person wants.

Wanting to make some noise one night, he found himself singing to the stars as a few of his friends walked by. His soulful voice made all of them stop and stir up at his window listening as every word crashed against their ears. Cadillac Rah is known for having a good turn up and in his latest flick, he shows you how it all goes down. Watch Rah indulge in a great time, complete with beautiful women and drinks.

Cadillac Rah’s name comes from Rah’s passion for the Cadillac brand and cars lead to his family calling him Cadillac. Even his family and friends still call him ‘Cadillac Rah” as he sets his focus on becoming the next RnB/Hip-Hop superstar. “This Side” and Rah is currently available via One on One Records.


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