Career Pivot? Yes, You Can, says Filmmaker Robert Craig

Robert Craig

Successful Entrepreneur On Pursuing his Filmmaking Passion

You’re not alone if you find inspiration in the tales of the Great Resignation, where people quit their reliable but unfulfilling jobs to embark on a new professional path that sparked their passions. Changing careers is never too late! After all, life’s too short to stay in a job that doesn’t excite you.

Former entrepreneur turned filmmaker Robert Craig did just that. He went from selling gutter guards to creating substantive films. He followed his heart with his new production company, Robert Craig Films. It’s about making films that matter, films on real-world issues that have the potential to change lives and inspire.

“I have been making films, reading screenplays, finding ways to be involved in this industry on the sidelines for over 32 years as I grew Gutterglove. The time came when I chose to shift my focus to storytelling, creating movies that are different. They are movies that inspire hope, make people smile, and bring a high level of entertainment with spiritually uplifting storylines for the viewer. It’s gratifying to know they are making an impact” says Craig.

And Robert Craig Films is doing just that. It’s a production company with the mission not just to entertain but to uplift people spiritually and help bring unity and peace to our world. That vision has led to successful purpose-driven films about real-world topics, life choices, and the role of faith that are presented in a way that families can watch together. They spark conversation, leading to positive change, and have crucial inspirational family principles woven into each storyline. Founder Robert Craig is at the heart of it all and has been on a journey from a successful entrepreneur to the creator of substantive films that entertain and help viewers feel accepted and encouraged. As the founder of Gutterglove, a technology that changed 750,000 homeowners’ lives for the better and became a #1 rated Consumer Reports product, Craig brings that same focus, ingenuity, and drive to create award-winning movies that are changing lives. 

Robert Craig Films that have been released or are currently in development:

To learn more about Craig’s films and his passion for making movies that will ultimately inspire people to be more loving, kind, and forgiving towards each other, visit


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About Robert Craig Films

Robert Craig Films is a film company located in Meadow Vista, California, with a mission to bring high-quality, entertaining movies with life-redemptive content to the screen. Robert Craig movies entertain, inspire, educate, and uplift spiritually – with the ultimate goal to help bring unity and peace to our world. Visit for more information.

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