Carolina Coops: Check Out these State Of The Art Chicken Coops

What problem does Carolina Coops solve?

Carolina Coops builds custom-designed chicken coops. We have a diverse selection of walk-in chicken coops for every budget and backyard. 

Whether you’re searching for a prefabricated chicken coop with minimal assembly requirements or a custom coop built to spec, Carolina Coops offers a wide range of chicken coops and customization options that perfectly complements your backyard or property. 

Our coops allow people to have backyard chickens when they thought they couldn’t. Because of the thoughtful design features all of the coops, it takes all the daily chores out of chicken keeping and allows people to enjoy the therapeutic aspect of having a flock of chickens. It makes chicken keeping simple and easy. People with our coops can travel because having someone look after your chickens just involve collecting the eggs. Our coops keep chickens safe, look beautiful on the property and make chicken keeping fun and easy. Carolina Coops

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Matt DuBoise grew up doing construction and was always building animal enclosures since he was a kid and it came very naturally to him. Matt likes to say he has a Ph.D. in YouTube, as he was (and still is) constantly learning about master woodworking and backyard chickens. He didn’t do well in school but would excel in fixing and making things at home.  Carolina Coops

In 5th grade, Matt was not a favored student but showed great interest in eggs hatching in an incubator in class. So the teacher tasked Matt and a few other kids to take home some baby chicks over the weekend. One kid exclaimed, “Not Matt! He will kill them all!” Carolina Coops

Over the weekend, Matt had a walkie-talkie set up so he could hear the baby chicks from wherever he was. And when Monday came around, he was the only kid whose chicks survived. He decided then that he wanted chickens when he got older.  Carolina Coops

How did they come up with the idea?

Late in 2008, Matt and his partner, Gnon, were living in Durham, North Carolina. Matt wanted chickens so he started building a simple coop for four chickens. 

He thought at that moment, why not make it nice by trimming it out. So he did just that and after having four chickens for about a month, he wanted more and set out to build a bigger coop.  Carolina Coops

He listed the original coop on Craigslist for $225 and it sold in 20 minutes. He got a bunch of calls and didn’t delete the ad to see how many people would be interested. 

As he built a bigger coop for himself, that became his first chicken coop model for the business. Matt ended up selling that for $1200 and continued to build and sell coops for people answering that original ad.  Carolina Coops

Matt would dumpster dive for wood and supplies for these coops and eventually would make enough money to buy lumber, hardware and other necessary supplies. It happened quite naturally, but also out of survival. Carolina Coops

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

Because Carolina Coops have helped people raise chickens who never thought they could, many customers’ lives have been transformed through the hobby of raising backyard chickens. 

They say, “Chickens are like potato chips, you can’t just have one.” It becomes a very addictive hobby (in a good way!). People want different types of chickens or certain colored eggs, or want to start to raise their own chickens from babies. This has a very deep, positive impact on people’s lives. People feel a sense of connection with their chickens and they become like other pets in the family.  Carolina Coops

People are very aware these days of where food comes from when they go to the grocery store and see empty shelves or rising prices. Our customers love the idea of having access to fresh eggs right in their backyard. Many get their kids involved in raising baby chicks or caring for the chickens. 

Many customers remark on the therapeutic aspect of keeping chickens. Carolina Coops has built chicken coops for an assisted living facility for that very reason. Also, we have built coops for schools and other public businesses that showcase chickens as part of their properties. 

What do customers love most about the product?

All our chicken coops are a marriage of form and function. Carolina Coops

Customers love how thoughtful design serves such a great function. For example, all our coops have our signature deep litter beds, which means you can go over a year without cleaning out your henhouse. Carolina Coops

They are also big and beautiful coops that you can walk into without bending over. Carolina Coops

Our coops are predator-proof and built with solid craftsmanship and high-quality materials so they will last a lifetime. Carolina Coops

Also, our customers know that our customer service doesn’t end with the sale. We work hard to educate people on chicken keeping and we are always around to answer questions whenever they ask.  Carolina Coops

Where can people get this product?

You can visit or call us at 919-794-3989. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our coops in their new homes. 

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