Chris Kostantewicz Helps High Ticket Services Generate Leads

Chris Kostantewicz, CEO and Founder of CK Media located in Los Angeles is making waves when it comes to helping high-ticket service providers generate leads and expand their efforts of social media. Working primarily with entrepreneurs, plastic surgeons, multi-national Fortune 500 companies in the US and abroad, to fill their appointment books around the clock. Chris is approaching a new echelon for agency owners, with nearly $500k revenue projected for 2021, things have changed substantially for CK Media since it began in late 2018. Boasting a massive list of celebrity clientele, Chris is working with several multi-million dollar companies and celebrities around the world to build their social presence with the end goal being more sales, more social proof, and more recognization for his clients. Chris aims to become a full-service solution that can provide everything the client could need to truly succeed online.

By utilizing a new way to send thousands of direct messages to the target CK Media’s clients have in mind, CK Media can generate potential leads on auto-pilot without risking the health of the account they’re directing traffic to, this is due to the fact the messages are being sent by a massive army of third party accounts, and not the account of the client’s. Per 2 million direct messages, clients in the plastic surgery niche can generate 400–500 responses and inquiries (on average, results may vary) that could potentially lead to more appointments being set. With procedures in the plastic surgery industry ranging between $5,000 to $25,000, there is a massive ROI when messages convert and lead to more appointments generated.

Taking this new market by storm aggressively, Chris’s agency is reaching new heights never thought possible before, reinventing what it means to be a social media marketing agency in 2021. By pairing celebrity advertising methods, high-quality press solutions, with an entirely new way to fill your sales pipeline with potential leads via Instagram’s incredibly vast and diverse user-base.

Over the next few months, Chris plans on expanding operations into new niches and territories in and beyond the Los Angeles area. Now more than ever, with civilization on the verge of what feels like normalcy, people are looking to further their advertising efforts online to build social proof, and trust online, as well as expanding their sales to focus on e-commerce more instead of in-person interaction; considering lockdowns could truly happen again at any moment.

The come up wasn’t easy, when Chris first moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago, he had approximately $3000 in his bank account and a dream to work in social media marketing, just having no idea how since it was such a new industry, colleges at the time didn’t even offer courses on it. Everything he knew in the first couple of years came from meticulously studying other entrepreneurs in the niche and learning how they operated and helped their clients expand their efforts online. What started as a $50 per month subscription service, turned into a nearly $50,000 per month venture. “I had the opportunity to work on several big projects with Sony and Netflix working with gigs in the movie industry working as a social media account coordinator and learned a lot about how real agencies worked internally, I took any job I could to get to get close to the action and learn more about social media marketing.”

Nowadays, Chris’s agency has operated in LA ‘officially’ since early 2019, things have gotten to the point where he no longer has to work a conventional job and spends a lot of his time traveling, socializing in Los Angeles, and expanding the business further. Chris says that “It’s best to prepare for the future and constantly innovate; it’s so easy to become complacent, you have to remember how you felt when you first started this, hungry, sitting at the bus stop, you smile to yourself and realize that every part of the journey is crucial to your success today, and you’re thankful for every moment.”

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