Decision Making

Decision Making: A decision is a cognitive elements where a person takes his best decision on every time of his life. Rather life is decisions and decisions are once life.If we look at the present day billionaires and millionaire’s, they are all outcome of right decisions at right time.It is apt to mention that there is no decision in the world which could 100% right. Rather decisions could  only be maximum. Decision making is not a one stop affair, it is gradual process because we can’t take a final decision rather we can only argument our previous decision. The full process of decision making should be as follows :

1.Limit your options out of the basket, because you can’t afford to accommodate every option. Mastering this is first step towards making right decision. You doing this you are reducing your choice to 50%.

2.In order to precise your choice, your second activity should be to draw a line between good choice and bad choice to add quality to your decision.

3.As a social animal, our third step is to listen to our gut feeling regarding the options available.Your innate voice will definitely ping you to choose the one which digests him.

4.Think of your present decision as your future currency.your one good decision could open the flood gates of your fortunes.

5.Acknowledge that decisiveness grows with each decision. It is a gradual process. We can’t take a final decision to our whole life. Decision making should be a flexible affair with the chaging times.

6.Last but not least, always remember, INDECISION kills once fortunes.Always master the art of decision making.Present day times demands your decision after every second………. So be bold and take right decisions if not perfect.

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