Dekmark is changing the home decor game with customization, a custom home decor print company, came up with an idea to add to their custom printed goods section. “How can we support artists and vice versa by giving our customers some additional art and photo options to put up on their wall” says Greg Dekirmenjian, founder of dekmark.

Dekmark decided to expand this idea and create a marketplace for artists and customers where artists can create their own store, upload their art or photos, name their price, once sold, keep 75% of the earnings. “We believe giving a large portion back to the artist to be fair” adds Greg. Dekmark makes their majority of their earnings on the print portion. Artists can be from all over the world and able to sell their art to US based customers. Dekmark handles all printing, fulfillment and shipping, artists have nothing to worry about. No more headaches of going to a local print shop, print it, ship it, handle customer service. Artists can just focus on creating art. Same goes for photographers, they can focus on taking beautiful shots, tweak the photos and make it available for sale. The more digital files are uploaded, the more chances artists get of making a sale and getting their name out there. You can be an artist that has not been real successful in getting their name out there. Dekmark will give those artists that opportunity and hoping they can earn some decent income.

This custom print marketplace also allows customers to support their favorite artist knowing that the artist is getting compensated for it and not just getting a few percent. One artist adds “I love the fact that I can name my own price on all my pieces, I have full control”

Some artists have known the parent company for some time and are excited of the amount of products dekmark will add in the months to come. Dekmark’s new fabric “switch n snap” frame is currently available on the site and is the most talked about product. Gives customers the ability to print on a fabric, insert it in the channel of the frame. When time comes to switch, the customer simply takes it out of the frame, tucks it away and inserts a new one, that simple. Next time someone has a guest coming over, they can switch the image to something they love, and then switch it back. One customer smiling adds “when my in laws come over, I just put up a picture of our family with them included. Once they leave, I switch it back out.”

The same is done in an office setting, you can switch images on a monthly or seasonal basis, makes the office setting more enjoyable to work in.

Dekmark utilizes state of the art equipment and technology, using ecofriendly inks to print and using premium products to print on. They use premium canvas materials, different types of metals, whether it is white or brushed and one type of poly knit for their fabrics.

Customers can always remember that they always have the option to upload their own art or photos and dekmark will print and ship it to them, that’s how the company was initially founded.

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