Digital Marketing Firm Reputation Elevation Helps Autism


Many businesses in today’s digitally-driven market find that word-of-mouth advertising often falls short of helping them meet their engagement needs. Digital marketing has become, in many ways, a necessary component of any marketing strategy. Businesses and services must go to where the clients are to find them, engage with them, and draw them into becoming loyal customers.  

When it comes to autism therapy providers, many have spent years relying on referrals and word of mouth to grow their practices. However, the services of digital marketing firm Reputation Elevation have stepped in to help Autism services and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) clinics elevate their marketing and reach more people needing their services.  

Reece Epstein, founder, and CEO of Reputation Elevation, never intended to focus so intensely on Autism and ABA services, but he witnessed the good his firm could do firsthand. “Five years ago, I had no idea what Applied Behavior Analysis was,” recalls Epstein. “I worked with many small businesses then, especially in healthcare and finance. One day, an ABA therapy startup was referred to me. The client quadrupled in size in six months using my services, so I decided to make my services available and known to more ABA therapy businesses.” 

The firm, which supplies a mix of Facebook ads, Google ads, and SEO services, serves several ABA and Autism therapy organizations today as a bulk of their clientele.  

Epstein recognizes that ABA and Autism therapy is a very niche markets. Reputation Elevation has leveraged its own digital marketing skills to get the work out about what it can offer to this specialized group. 

“People hear about me from colleagues or find out about me on Facebook or LinkedIn,” says Epstein, “ABA is still a relatively small industry that is challenging to market using conventional means, though I have still found ways to do it.”  

ABA therapy is one of the most recognized and recommended therapies for Autism. Epstein has tapped into ways to spread the word about the efficacy of ABA treatment digitally and to get more parents of Autistic children connected with providers.  

With their effective services, Reputation Elevation feels confident in guaranteeing eyes on their client’s businesses. “With our flagship plan, we guarantee 50 people or more will express interest in speaking with your ABA business monthly,” said Epstein. 

It’s a guarantee that Epstein and his team have followed through on; for example, the company generated 461 consultation leads for an ABA clinic in New Jersey in six short months. The average Reputation Elevation client receives 70-150 leads every month.  

As ABA therapy businesses book up, more therapy clinics are likely to open, proving Reputation Elevation to be not just a marketing firm but a leader in ABA advocacy.  

Epstein has thrown himself into understanding the ins and outs of Autism therapy and the ABA therapy approach. His specialized focus allows ABA therapy clients to trust Reputation Elevation’s ability to best market their unique services.  

“It’s hard to find someone in digital marketing who understands what 97153 means (97153 is a billing code used in ABA therapy), or who gets the importance of finding the right mix of insurances for payor diversification,” explains Epstein. “When I first meet a client, we talk about what ages and insurances they are looking for. That information has a major influence on what direction we take.”

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Per the WHO, it is estimated that 1 in 100 children worldwide have Autism. Finding the necessary and effective therapies for those children can be challenging for parents mired in doctor visits, shifting priorities, and confusing diagnoses. Reputation Elevations has stepped up to help this niche market by providing effective digital marketing services, helping organizations grow by leaps and bounds.

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