Kerry Spindler, Skin Care Expert and Beautician. Maintaining and Protecting Healthy Skin the Hard Way

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Discover How Renowned Skin Care Expert and Beautician Kerry Spindler Learned a Valuable Lesson About Maintaining and Protecting Healthy Skin the Hard Way

Kerry Spindler has been a prominent figure in the fashion, health, and beauty industries for nearly three decades, but her passion is more than skin deep. A lengthy battle with melanoma left her with permanent scars and a personal mission to share her newfound knowledge about skincare. As a cancer survivor, she dedicates herself to helping others look good, feel good, and improve the well-being of their skin.

Kerry Spindler learns the secrets of skincare

Spindler has established herself as a leading aesthetician across the country. On the east coast, she has served as CEO of a multinational New York City skincare company. On the west coast, her knowledge and skills have been behind the glow of many of Hollywood’s most famous faces. Today, she enjoys acclaim as one of Boston’s leading facialists.

Spindler has trained for years with leading experts in skincare and cosmetology. She has seen the rise and fall of countless fads and scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, as she was growing up, she did not yet know enough about one aspect of skincare.

Kerry Spindler battles skin cancer and wins

Spindler was just 27 years old in 1999 when she got the devastating diagnosis of stage two melanoma. Visiting the doctor for what she thought was an itchy spot on her chest turned into a three-year battle with skin cancer.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine, Spindler says she was floored by the disease. “At the time, I thought I was the picture of health,” she says. “My tan was part of what I thought made me look healthy. Forget sunscreen. I used tanning oil.”

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, Melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer originating in cells called melanocytes. Though the disease is usually curable when detected and treated early, it can become deadly if given time to spread deeper into the skin or other parts of the body.

Early detection is tricky because melanoma presents in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The Skin Cancer Foundation offers help spotting Melanoma’s Warning Signs.

Spindler now works to ensure her clients know just how prevalent this cancer is today. In 2022, The Skin Cancer Foundation predicts doctors will diagnose 197,700 cases of melanoma in the United States alone. The Foundation also estimates 7,650 people will die of melanoma during the year.

For three years, Spindler endured several surgeries. The procedures allowed her to beat the cancer but left her breast disfigured and in need of implants. “I got lucky and went into remission,” Spindler told Cosmopolitan Magazine. “There were other people I knew around my age in treatment who unfortunately didn’t survive.”

Spindler focuses on efforts to prevent melanoma

After those challenging years, Spindler knew she had to find a way to inspire kids and teens to observe better sun safety habits. She launched a line of innovative sun-safety bracelets called Sundicators which change color to alert wearers when it is time to reapply sunscreen or find shade. She puts every cent of the proceeds from her Sundicators back into melanoma education and prevention.

Sundicators have raised melanoma awareness at high profile venues, including New York Fashion Week, Couture Fashion Week, U.S. Olympic Swim Team, the Academy Awards, Primetime Emmys, Angela Simmons 25th Birthday Party, Miss Black USA, Essence Magazine, The Kids Choice Awards, Kiwi Magazine, Miss Plus America, Irish Rugby Team, Project Runway, and All-Stars. Spindler has also shared her story and skincare tips on The Weather Channel, The Lifetime for Women Network, Fox Health, and Telemundo.

Skincare at the Med Spa

Spindler also commits herself to the health and beauty of her clients at the Med Spa in Boston. Providing far more than a facial, Spindler fuses spa care with therapeutic wellness and holistic healing with modern technology to create custom treatments for every client.

At the Med Spa, Spindler has assembled a team of experts certified in anti-aging, pigmentation, ethnic skin, and acne. In addition, she continues to spread awareness by sharing her hard-won struggle with melanoma and stocking the spa’s shelves with Supergoop. This line of sunscreen created in 2007 by a former teacher is Spindler’s favorite. 

“I don’t want my clients to have any excuse,” Spindler says. “If they come to me for skincare advice, I will do everything possible to ensure they don’t have to go through what I did.” To learn more about Spindler’s story, skincare products, spa services, and trade secrets, readers can visit Med Spa’s website.

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