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Inspirations of Creativity

Why is this subject, “Inspirations of Creativity,” important in the world?

Everyone knows that we live in an entirely man-made environment. What is less understood is that it is the responsibility of everyone working within the fields of technology, design, and engineering to create elegant simplicity that can elevate both people’s daily experiences and lives as a whole. Being able to serve humanity in this way is something I never take for granted.

On a separate but related note, within systems of education in America, creativity is lauded but abysmally neglected. I consider it my job to make creativity accessible to those who were conditioned to believe they are not creative, as each person is uniquely capable of enjoying the creative process regardless of his/her profession or timing.

What is the pressing issue, right, and how are you addressing it?

With our rapid movement towards the eventual singularity of AI and humanity, there is an urgent need to embrace our creativity and capacity for critical thought in a way that has been both obscured and ignored in our education process. We all possess a supercomputer of creativity; it is high time that we embrace this fact.

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What is your background in this subject?

Creativity is my calling. During the past 4 decades, I have received over 200 patents, created over 300 products in over 20 market categories, and have won over 100 international design awards. My efforts are guided by a concept I call pinnacle vision, which refers to the integration of multiple disciplines needed for invention—such as engineering, manufacturing, and industrial design—in an effort to further humanity. My foundation is a problem-solving methodology I spent decades developing—one that involves the elements of human totality, such as psychology and philosophy, within what I call the Seven Foundations of Creativity.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

In high school, I was referred to as a nerd jock, which remains an interestingly fitting title for me. I feel that physical disciplines are just as important as intellectual pursuits; some of my favorites are surfing, golf, skiing, and martial arts. I run and lift weights six days a week.

What are your passions outside of your career?

I studied classical piano as a child—a pursuit that evolved into my involvement in a band in middle school and other subsequent group projects. I now jam on my keyboard in the office at Patton Design, and I often walk over to my baby grand at home to dabble improvisationally in moments of inspiration. 

Are there any social causes that you believe in and support?

Evolving our understanding of how to address the unmet needs of humanity is the genesis of all inventions. I have always had my hand on the pulse of society in creating inventions to help people in their everyday lives, also focusing on new and improved medical processes that can save lives.

What is next for you?

I have 10 startup companies at present, some of which are changing the face of surgery, contributing luxury to the home space, and innovating within the area of AI. The unknowns of creativity are the most exciting, and for Patton Design, the future is bright.

Inspirations of Creativity

Tell me about your book.

In 2019, I published Conquering the Chaos of Creativity, a textbook-sized volume that describes techniques for creative problem-solving. Because of the complexity of CCC, a much-distilled version called Inspirations of Creativity emerged organically in April 2023; I wanted to capture pivotal aspects of creativity and inspiration in a more accessible way. Inspirations explore the Seven Foundations of Creativity using especially poignant quotations from CCC. Inspirations is intended to serve as a spark that can energize you to pursue creativity more in-depth.

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Where can people buy the book?

You can find Inspirations of Creativity on Amazon!

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