Dr Jay Feldman; A Fighter And A Darer


Dr. Jay Feldman is called an Influencer and an Entrepreneur but many called him a darer and a doer. This article is all about a courageous person who took setbacks and hurdles as opportunities to build his entire empire. Yes, you read it right. Dr Jay Feldman is the person who made a seven-digit income during the epidemic and build an entire empire during the hard times when the World was going through financial crises.

How Did People See COVID?

Covid 19 also known as the worst epidemic in human history had made the World an isolated place to live in. People might think of a pandemic as a minor setback that will be rectified later but later realized the severity of the issue when the whole World gets into a financial crisis while staying at home.

What Was Dr Jay Feldman’s Vision About COVID?

These financial crises hit every country and every person on a different level. The same was the case with the dr. Feldman. Dr Jay Feldman did not take the pandemic as a setback but, he accepted it as a challenge. According to him, people cannot wait for opportunities to knock at their doors. Instead of waiting passively for any job or business, they should search for opportunities.

Career And Early Endeavours:

If we talk about the career and early endeavours of Dr. Jay Feldman, we get to know that he is a doctor by profession and had studied Osteopathic medicine. He completed his education at Toronto college of medicine which is located in New York City. During his medical school, he realised his deep passion for entrepreneurship. Like many students, he enthusiastically shared his business idea with a friend Scott Bartnick. It is compulsory to mention here is both are business partners till the present date. He has built his whole media empire in just six months. He has a seven-figure media empire.

Feldman along with Bartnick joined their expertise in the fields of public relations, marketing as well as e-commerce; which are necessary to build and maintain a successful media agency. They have named their media agency otter public relations. Otter public relations is a media agency that helps the founders, writers, authors, thought leaders, coaches and many other people to pave their way toward the mainstream media.

Adaption To The Environment:

While working for his passion he has also realised that he should adopt the situation as well. He was a doctor by profession and he adapted his situation quite easily and acted accordingly. He joined his qualification of medicine along with entrepreneurship and came forward with a brand new idea. Things also sorted out in his favour quickly. During pandemic everyone knew the importance of health and tried to remain fit.  The health became the first priority of everyone. In that time period, getting out of home, going for a walk or joining the gym became prohibited thing during the pandemic times. Along with his otter public relation, he is also started his own journey of REX fitness. This fitness club was the invention of his studies and his passion. He shared the secrets of fitness on his channel and all people could have taken advantage of his knowledge at a quite affordable price.

Success Secrets Of Dr. Jay Feldman:

Dr. Jay Feldman has compiled his secret of success and we have shared the secrets for the general public the secrets are stated in the following lines:

      Get Connected With The Like-Minded People:

Always surround yourself with the people who have similar mind set. This similar mind set will help them to understand your ideas and commands in a better and précised manner.

2.       Be The Master Of Your Skill:

Mastering your own craft should be the first priority being a entrepreneur. You can not sell the any skill on social media platform until unless you do not have a heck of knowledge about the basic as well as professional level of that skill. For selling anything on social media, you must have mastery in the respected field.

3.       Always Appreciate Constructive Criticism:

Being Human does not require perfection. Many things can go up and down while doing something for the first time. The same mind-set should be kept while offering any service to the general public. People may find many faults and defects in your business and may try to disrespect, provoke or ridicule you. Always remember that there are two kinds of criticism. One is criticism for the sake of criticism and another one is constructive criticism.

Constructive criticism is the kind of criticism done for the sake of betterment. Always listen to such kind of criticism. Accept and approve criticism open-heartedly as people always notice the missing piece before you do. Always listen if anything is missing or falling out in your business.

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