Ella Mai releases new “How” video featuring Roddy Ricch

Ella Mai - How ft. Roddy Ricch-93289d06

Ella Mai prized the Heart On My Sleeve album to her fans back in May. It is a big surprise to fans of Ella Mai; consequently, this album 100% contributes to popping up their busy life full of enjoyment.

“Heart On My Sleeve reminds me of my real life again and again” this was her true feeling shared in a press release. That’s why the Heart On My Sleeve is a great chance to dive into your own heart and explore the heart’s love, affairs, and the relationship’s ups and downs. Through this, you can understand all and every complexity, which are the grey areas in between. 

The credit for success goes to 15 records included in the Heart On My Sleeve album, and also it taps in with Latto, Roddy Ricch, and Lucky Daye for features. Ella Mai took her first shot by releasing “DFMU” and “Leave You Alone” in January and March. Meanwhile, her fans enjoyed a few of the songs on the album while she delivered live performances for tracks such as Leave You Alone and Feels Like. Last but not least, she announced via social media that the album would be released officially in April.

July 28 is the day to remember because the London- bred singer was returned to share the official visual for “How” and Roddy Rich assisted cut from the album “Heart On My Sleeve.”This beautiful clip becomes more attractive because of the rewarded talent of the director of this clip; yes, she is Colin Tilley. The visual for “How” opens up with Ella Mai taking a relaxing drive through some mind-blowing scenery as she delivers the lyrics that mean the heartbreak. When I describe the clip, you feel like you are there too, right? This is why all these creations have been embedded in fans’ hearts.

This new record of Mai was born in her heart, and it becomes real today by the force and encouragement that she got the platinum success of her self-titled debut back in 2018. Actually, this is a big achievement of a young lady, and this is how she shared her gladness with us.

“We become matured not by age but by facing experiences. But it does not matter whether we succeed or fail. Just face them and experience them. So, I feel this era is gifted the matured version of myself to the world. I am still the same me, Ella Mai, but it is just a better version. When I introduced Ella Mai to the world, I was 23/24 years old. But believe, now I am 27 years old woman. It is a long time for me to change so much as a person, aren’t you?”

So, the album Heart On My Sleeve began from the roots of my heart, and it is not a lie if I tell you that I poured my entire heart into this creation,”said Ella Mai. Can you understand now how this music was so fascinating? It is a golden opportunity; click the below link to experience the magic of the music.

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