Express Yourself With Liberation Nails: Non-Toxic Polish to Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

What problem does Liberation Nails solve?

People are searching for joy, self-expression, and freedom. Liberation Nails’ unique collection of nail polish answers those needs—these vibrant, nourishing colors offer small indulgences that create abundant joy for every person who wears them. 

We’re a woman-owned brand that values inclusivity, welcoming, and celebrating all genders and ages. This is more than nail color—it’s a lifestyle that prioritizes self-expression, self-care, and care for others and the planet. 

Each color has been designed for the individual who demands sustainable, cruelty-free, and chemical-free products. Liberation Nails is Leaping Bunny-certified, the pinnacle of vegan standards. The packaging is sustainable, refillable, compostable, and made with circular production in mind, plus carbon emissions are offset on every order. All of our products are sourced only in the United States to ensure the highest quality standards.

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Staci is the granddaughter of European immigrants. She’s a mom and a spouse and worked with color throughout her 15-year career in the fashion industry as a designer and stylist. Her favorite part was creating seasonal color palettes and choosing the most flattering clothing colors for models at photoshoots. She studied color theory and became fascinated with scientific studies on how color affects people differently. 

She studied product development at FIDM, beauty essentials at FIT, and has been a long-time consumer of clean beauty products.

How did they come up with the idea?

A personal experience forever changed the way Staci viewed color. At the beginning of the pandemic, her beloved mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, and she asked Staci to paint her nails close to the end of her life. Staci remembers sitting on her mom’s bed and adding color to her nails. The seemingly simple act made her mom feel like herself again and helped her reconnect with the person she was and the beauty she felt before cancer had taken hold. It brought a little bit of joy to a tragic situation

“It was a profound moment for me,” Staci says. “Color is very powerful and transformative. I remember walking away from that experience thinking how great it would be to help everyone have a moment like that—being uplifted through color, despite what might be challenging them in their life. Everyone I talk to has experienced hardship in some form over the last couple of years and could use a little bit of joy to keep them going.”

Staci created Liberation Nails to be a source of celebration. This journey has taken her from grieving to healing to joyfully helping others enjoy creative expression. 

She wanted to further spread the joy by giving back. A portion of sales is donated to Project Color Corps, an organization dedicated to transforming people and places by applying color to the walls of schools and community centers around the country. Their belief in the power of color is the same as hers, they just work with paint instead of polish—and with much larger brushes.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

Painting your nails is truly therapeutic—there is something simple yet wholly special about it. A little bit of color is a major boost that can completely transform how someone feels. It can make them feel calm, powerful, joyful, and anything in between. And it’s their choice which color will elevate their mood—a small bottle of polish holds immense empowerment. 

What do customers love most about the product?

Customers love the vibrant colors and how often strangers on the street compliment their nail color. They love that the colors are unique to the brand, can’t be found anywhere else, and are long-lasting, comparable to natural gel polish. Customers value the products because they are free from toxins, parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, and mutagens. They love the luxe formulations—the line of Liberation polishes has Kukui Oil to boost nail growth, Baobab Oil to strengthen nails, Evening Primrose Oil to restore nail gloss, and Violet Extract Oil for hydration. 

So many people have continued to do their nails at home since the pandemic, and customers say the wide fan brush helps them apply nail color quickly and easily. They also love the scent—a certified-natural, non-synthetic fragrance that provides a light after-polish aroma with hints of lemon, coconut milk, and vanilla. Parents are buying the luxe polish for themselves, and they love that they can get safe polish for their kids, too, all in one place—the non-toxic Libbi Kids line has bright colors safely formulated with organic virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil to promote healthy nail growth. 

People are intrigued by the products with names like Astrologic, Future Surf, and Infinite Ceiling. Customers love the packaging, too—they don’t want to throw it away, even though the mailers are completely compostable, including the labels on the outside of the box. The end-to-end brand experience feels elevated, and the products are getting 5-star customer reviews across the board. 

Where can people get this product?

All products are available at Liberation Nails (

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