Fernando Edwards- Behind the Lens

Fernando Edwards

With an intense passion for telling visual stories, Fernando Edwards leads the charge at Irienando Productions as the head of production. Having been a SAG AFTRA member for over ten years, Fernando is no stranger to the industry. 

While acting has always been a serious passion, there was a strong attraction calling to him from the other side of the camera. This lead to Irienando Productions and now shows no signs of slowing down. 

Fernando Edwards utilizes a degree in management to build the necessary fundamentals of organization and leadership essential for the production and directing side of the industry. The pillars of his operational style are confidence, integrity, honesty, and discipline, which all heavily influence his creative style. 

Being a native son of Jamaica, Fernando is compelled to bridge the divide between that original home and his found home in LA. By continuously pursuing new and exciting projects, he strives to build up the film scene in both locations, each in its own way. He is actively interested in collaborating with others to expand this new brand of storytelling. 

That is not all. The proof lies within the productions, after all. Be on the lookout for Irienando’s newest series, Betrayal, a psychological thriller about love turned sour and one mans struggle to survive the aftermath, coming to tv soon. The pilot for Betrayal is written, directed, and produced by Edwards himself.

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