Five Queer Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Social media has become a massive part of our lives. Whether we are conscious of it or not is another thing. We spend endless hours scrolling through apps like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, among others. We are exposed to the news, memes, fandom posts, and other people’s lives. At times, it can affect us negatively to see other people living the life we wish we had. However, there are times in which that is necessary. Young individuals in the LGBTQ+ community strive to find accounts that will show them they have a chance at a wonderful life. For that reason, here are five queer Twitter accounts you should be following.




Rio is a 19-year-old lesbian with over 12.3K followers. Those who know her account mostly relate her to actress Sarah Paulson who once had this girl join her Instagram live and said, “Rio in the house for the magic time, kids.” However, there is more to this individual than her love for Miss Paulson and the movie Carol.


For the last two years, Rio — whose last name remains anonymous — has helped the world by giving queer kids (especially lesbians) content they can relate to. From her college experience to her undying love for different actresses, she makes Twitter feel like a safe place to chat with others like you. She is a positive figure who always seems to spread happiness, joy, and resourceful information for LGBTQ+ individuals.




Shannon Beveridge began her journey on YouTube, and that is where most people know her from. She shared — and continues to do so — her journey, life, relationships, and love for photography. With 259.2K followers and a number people can text her at, she makes influencers feel accessible by being there for those who need a little help on their self-discovery journey.


On Twitter, Beveridge shares images, texts, and quotes that will motivate you, inspire you, and push you to take care of yourself and others. She is the kind of person who will bring peace and calmness to your crazy social media scrolling times. Even though she is a big name in the LGBTQ+ community, she still manages to feel relatable.




Mandi and Tara also began their journey on YouTube but soon realized it was necessary to expand to other platforms for people to see queer families exist, and they also get their happy endings. Their channel started over six years ago as they decided to get pregnant and document their journey.


Nowadays, these women share their daily lives and struggles as mothers of four daughters. Their tweets show that life is not always easy, but it is worth fighting for what you want. They are living proof that queer individuals can have the family they have always dreamed of, no matter what society says. Mandi and Tara are true legends.


RoseEllenDix and Roxetera, aka Rose and Rosie


Our last two accounts are queer social media royalty. Rose and Rosie join the list of queer women who became well-known in the community by sharing their lives on YouTube. These two women have allowed users to see the most intimate parts of their lives for many years. Dating, living together, getting engaged, preparing a wedding, getting married, beginning the journey to motherhood, a miscarriage, and finally giving birth to their beautiful baby boy.


Rose and Rosie use practically every social media platform available to prove that healthy queer relationships exist and you too can have a love like theirs. Through their tweets, followers continue to be a part of their lives and now see them as mothers. They are the kind of couple you want to follow to keep the dreams of love alive.

Social media can be tricky and, at times, discouraging, but there is another side to it. There is a side that will prove there are others like you in the world, you can make your dreams come true, and you can have the life you have always envisioned for yourself. These five queer Twitter accounts you should be following are proof of that.

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