Four Websites That Deliver Meals Directly to Your Door

Eating a healthy meal is essential to keep up with your physical and mental health. However, most of us spend our days running around between jobs, errands, and daily tasks. At times, it becomes challenging to go grocery shopping and cook good, delicious, healthy meals. That is why we begin looking for alternatives that guarantee we will be giving our bodies the nutrients they need without spending a crazy amount of hours in the kitchen. For those of us who do better with ready meals, four websites deliver meals directly to your door.




This company guarantees you will have meals ready to eat in as fast as three minutes. They offer different plans to choose how many meals you would like to purchase, depending on how many you will eat, how often you will order, and whether you are trying it out for the first time or are a recurring customer.


Freshly will adjust to your dietary needs and provide a long list of options for you to choose from. Their delivery time is a week, then you will receive a large box with your meals well prepared to survive the journey to your freezer. Once you subscribe, your subscription will renew automatically every week, so make sure to pause it if you are not ready to continue or check which new meals you want for the following week.


Mindful Meals


Mindful Meals is a service based on four different meal plans. Each individual can personalize their purchase to guarantee they are receiving the best food to fit their lifestyle. Customers can choose from a traditional, low-carb, no-carb, or vegetarian plan.


Every meal they have created is under 550 calories, and their menu changes every week. If you are unsure of whether you want to purchase their meals or not, they make their weekly menu public for people to choose what is best for them. The downside to this company is that their delivery only reaches the Central Florida region.


Hello Fresh


If you are into meal prepping or have previously researched meal deliveries, you know about Hello Fresh. They are one of the most popular meal plan services at the moment, advertising on TV and streaming services.


Hello Fresh offers over 50 different menu options that will be on your table in less than 30 minutes. Instead of delivering already made meals that you will keep in your freezer and cook in the microwave, they provide the ingredients and instructions for you to cook your own meals. They are healthy options great for those who do not know what to cook but have the time to dive into new recipes.


Home Chef


Some people do not like the idea of preparing every meal in the microwave, so that is when Home Chef comes into play. This service delivers pre-portioned meals in an oven-safety tray ready to be cooked and served.


Just like other companies, they update their menu weekly for customers to choose what fits their diets best. However, they give individuals the opportunity to mix-and-match recipes to swap any ingredients they do not like or cannot have due to dietary restrictions. If you want to give them a try before placing your online order, you can visit their website and see if their products can be found at your local store.

Purchasing ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen cooking the perfect meal is something many of us do not have time for. Running around between errands, jobs, and tasks can make eating healthy and following a meal plan challenging. That is when these four websites that deliver meals directly to your door come into play, guaranteeing we eat healthy and take care of our bodies.

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