From Grief to Inspiration: The Metamorphosis of a Late Artist’s Work

With acrylic paint as his primary medium, and an eye for color palettes, Larry Roberts’s paintings evoke raw, visceral images—drawing from the subconscious, darkness, and light, his body of work is filled with color, movement, and energy. Larry’s natural talent for abstract, figurative, expressionism, and impressionism art forms gained him recognition across North America and beyond. Regrettably, his career would be cut short, and in August of 2019, Larry would lose his battle with Leukemia. Earlier that year, the Art Vancouver Art Fair would be his final exhibition. Larry had two passions in life, his art and the once-in-a-lifetime love with his wife, Laurie Roberts. Through Larry Roberts Chicago and The Larry and Laurie Roberts Foundation for the Arts (NFP), Laurie continues his dream and legacy by sharing his passion for art and the artist community and encouraging others to pursue their creative expression. Inspiration

Although the world will no longer be able to experience new works by this immensely talented artist, his art is being given new life through innovative and creative reproductions. In new and breathtaking mediums, Larry’s body of work will be experienced and viewed by a greater audience. As such, Larry Roberts Chicago is excited to announce its latest endeavor, the upcoming launch of the Larry Roberts Chicago Rug Collection on September 22, 2022! 

The rugs, derived from Larry’s original works of art, are trademarked designs, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, and from an accredited GreenGuard Gold Certified manufacturer. They are truly an art unto themselves. Inspiration

The first prototyped rug, “LaFemme,” is derived from an untitled acrylic/ink painting selected for its serene hues of teal and green, which was the inspiration behind the creation of this collection. The expertly handcrafted rugs capture the transformation of the light shift from day to night. Like the art, the rugs are reborn with new details.

Laurie states, “Larry was a colorist, visionary, and most importantly, the love of my life. His unwavering passion for creating and encouraging others gives me the strength to continue his legacy. It’s my honor to share this gift with the world.” Inspiration

Larry Roberts Chicago’s main objectives are to share the talented work of the late Larry Roberts in hopes of inspiring others and supporting the foundation.

The mission of the Larry and Laurie Roberts Foundation for the Arts is to give back in ways that elevate the community through creativity, compassion, and a deeper understanding of not only others but oneself. The foundation achieves this by bringing together people from all socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, races, and gender identities to create art. Their goal is to encourage learning to help people understand, not just accept, but appreciate our differences through the arts.

About Laurie Roberts

Laurie Roberts is Principal at Primo Interiors, Principal and Curator at Larry Roberts Chicago, and Director of The Larry and Laurie Roberts Foundation for the Arts, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Roberts formerly served on the Board of Directors for Designs for Dignity. Inspiration

The multi-hyphenate was born in Michigan but has called Chicago home for nearly three decades. Roberts’ early career in apparel design and showroom management led her on the path to founding Primo Interiors in 2005, through which she has provided customers with superior custom-tailored window treatments, bedding, and pillows since.

Roberts cites her late husband, Larry, as her constant inspiration. His endless encouragement, creativity, and legacy inform her work daily. With Larry’s zest for life in the back of her mind, she works hard and prides herself on cultivating a welcoming and safe space for her employees, producing excellent work for her customers, and using her platform to give back to the Chicago arts community whenever she can.

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