From Pure Market Frustration to Creating a Go-to-Market Strategy That’s Spoken About Globally


Adem Manderovic grew up in a small country town in Australia, and was on the verge of fulfilling his late father’s dream of playing professional Australian rules football. But a major trauma event in 2006 changed his life forever. Doctors told him he would never stand or walk again, and it was this experience that gave him the perspective to question how he could do life better.

Manderovic recovered and used that same lens to become highly sought after in head of sales and marketing roles across Australia and the Pacific. Those very roles across the industry sector gave amazing insight into what’s broken in today’s world of business. 

Through that insight, he founded, a company focused on market disruption and developing a go-to-market strategy called Closed Circuit Selling. This strategy provides crystal clear outlines and scopes on what works now, not what works pre-internet.

At first, Manderovic’s ideas were thought of as crazy. But now, his go-to-market concepts are afforded commercial validation across multiple digital mediums.

Adem Manderovic is so far ahead of the curve in B2B that most can’t understand what he’s saying,” Scott Martinis, CEO of B2B Catalyst. 

“Selling skills matter less than who you talk to — and how you talk to them,” says Scott Martinis, who distilled Adem Manderovic‘s experience. – Jeff Molander, Founder Communications Edge. 

“I always love speaking with other like-minded entrepreneurs, especially those who are ‘disrupting’ and breaking down the long-held beliefs about sales & marketing. Adem Manderovic is one such person!” – Graham Hawkins, CEO of SalesTribe 

“You are living in the future, Adem Manderovic, and have this figured out long before most,” said Ricky Pearl, CEO of Poiner Strategy. 

“What they should be doing is commercially aligning their requirement to that trigger event and operating in a circuit, Yes #ClosedCircuitSelling “ – Tony J Hughes, CEO SalesIQ Global.

“Adem is the real OG here, he has been doing the top of funnel aspect with equally crazy results” – Amarpreet Kalkat, CEO of 

Wherever you turn in the global arena, Manderovic’s methods are now met with praise for his precision with not only his sales and marketing targeting but also his complete commercial acumen, which he calls “commercial clarity.” 

In Addition, Manderovic’s methods are written into undisputed Global Sales Expert Justin Michael’s new book. 

Manderovic’s journey from a small country town in Australia to a globally spoken-about go-to-market strategist is a testament to the power of resilience and hard work. His story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere, demonstrating that it is possible to turn market frustration into a successful business.

Manderovic now focuses his time utilizing his go-to-market strategy, #ClosedCircuitSelling, to assist companies in building ecosystems of ready-made buyers, which shifts the paradigm on how business is underpinned. 

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You can find Manderovic’s body of work on his Linkedin or featured on the following global podcasts such as #Ungoogleable by Jonny Stofko, Sales Today, Salesdeck, Down the Rabbit Hole, Simply Sales and Marketing, The Bang On Sales Show, Deconstructing Data and Behind the curtain: Unscripted UK. and The boy Behind The Man, with Pjero Mardesic.

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