Giving Others a Loud Voice: T&R Solutions

Giving Others a Loud Voice: T&R Solutions. Nashville is famous for country music. New Orleans is known for its jazz scene, and it’s common knowledge that Motown was born in Detroit. 

While it might not be as well-known as these other cities, Dayton, Ohio, has a rich musical history that makes it one of the most important cities in the evolution of popular music. From shock rock to industrial metal, to funk and R&B, Dayton is a hub for the development of music, and just so happens to be the funk capital of the world.

T&R Recordings, an independent music recording label and small audio/video production company, was founded in 2015 in Dayton, Ohio. A division of parent company T&R Solutions, T&R Recordings is an independent production company and record label representing and promoting musical artists and filmmakers. Their mission is to find tunes, films, and other works of art that they like, and then represent and promote them to the world. 

Define. Design. Progress.

Those three words are the foundation on which T&R Solutions was built. They take pride in assisting individuals and small businesses with a vibrant marketing and communications strategy. T&R Solutions takes the time to hear each client’s story, and then transform that story into its unique brand.

Founded in 2014, T&R Solutions is a small marketing consulting agency that assists in giving others a louder voice. Through visual and personal communication, they provide creative digital marketing and branding strategies, along with web and graphic design. 

Though they may be smaller than other companies in the industry, they have assisted many individuals and businesses in creating effective inbound marketing strategies to increase promotion and build positive audience engagement in the digital world. From strategic planning and brand recognition, graphic design and print, business writing and editing, to coaching and training, to gaining, maintaining, and capturing organized traffic to grow your connections, T&R Solutions provide professional assistance for all business needs.

T&R Recordings

Black Alley Pep Rally. The Beast of Bailey Downs. Jacky Vincent. These are just a few of the artists that T&R Recordings represents. While these artists might not be headliners today, imagine hearing the name Ohio Players, Zapp, and Heatwave for the first time; all famous funk artists that came from Dayton, Ohio.

The buzz on social media for T&R Recordings is indeed strong. One Google review of the company states: “This is a great company. The record label side (T&R Recordings) puts out great music and is very hands-on with the work the bands do. Quality websites and very helpful staff. If you need a logo or website design, go to these guys. You won’t be disappointed.” 

In addition to great word-of-mouth, T&R Solutions and Recordings is listed as one of the best Ohio companies innovating the music scene and were recognized for taking a variety of approaches to innovate the music industry.

While one never knows where the next evolutionary musical wave will emerge, all musical artists must have a strong foundation of support to get them to their destination. It takes patience, tenacity, talent, and strong management and business support to succeed in the music business. T&R Solutions and Recordings provides the foundation to define, design, and progress each artist to achieving their dreams. 

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