Gumpert Apollo owned by Lecha Khouri has been buzzing lately

Gumpert Apollo

There is veracity in the claim that everyone had been appalled by Lecha Khouri’s incredible maneuver to own “Gumpert Apollo,” one of the most coveted hypercars ever made. Speaking of Lecha Khouri, who is not only a sensational supercar collector but also an efficient car show host and a business baron, he chose to add one of the most peculiar pieces, “Gumpert Apollo,” to his already colossal car collection. 

“This is no ordinary Apollo,” he responded when prompted to expound on his remarks on this startling addition to his enormous automotive collection, which totals 56 autos and 37 motorcycles, including some modern hypercars and several vintage models. Lecha also stated, “This really is a genuine 1 of 1. In fact, the only Apollo with an automatic sequential paddle shift gearbox and 850 horsepower out of the box.”

Lecha Khouri, lovingly known as Lee, went on to say regarding his most recent piece, “Gumpert Apollo,” that it was the actual automobile that Apollo used to test and run specific pieces for their next model, the Apollo IE, the first vehicle by Apollo manufactured since the Gumpert Apollo that went into production 14 years ago. The transmission of this car is the same as that of the IE. 

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In addition, Lee also states that this Apollo is the only one in Australia, one of just 40 total built and one of just four made in RHD. His feat had a truly astonishing effect and greatly increased his already well-known international stardom.


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