Hauls and Retail Therapy: How to do hauls and benefits

Most, if not all people love looking nice. Nowadays, doing hauls and sharing videos online has become a popular trend, especially among young people.  

Influencers visit stores such as Zara, H&M, and Fashion Nova or online businesses such as Wish to buy clothes so that they can film themselves trying them on and share their opinions with their audiences.  

They usually do it on YouTube and most of them have a keen sense of style so their audiences value their opinions.  

Retail therapy refers to shopping with the sole purpose of making the buyer’s disposition or mood better. People usually buy like this when they are stressed out or depressed. Retail therapy can be good only if you shop in moderation. If the habit goes out of hand, it turns into a shopping addiction. Shopping is psychologically beneficial in the following ways; 

If you own a store, you will want to encourage your customers to do hauls on their latest shopping. There are different ways you can have customers do hauls and, you can post these videos and photos on social media platforms.  

Fashion hauls are a good way of marketing your business. Here are ways fashion hauls can be done and their benefits: 

Price negotiation 

If you are an influencer, you can get lower prices for products. Retailers are always looking for people to market their products and, are willing to give discounts in exchange for additional exposure. 

Right way demonstration 

Most people respond to marketing tactics when they are interactive. Instead of having a catalog demo, influencers can show how to put on the clothes through a live demonstration. 

Size and fitting 

Instead of using mannequins to market clothes, you are likely to buy them when you see a person wear them. That way, you can observe the way the clothes fit and how comfortable they are during movements. Fashion hauls can help with this as customers see the clothing and learn about the size and fitting.  


Fashion hauls can help you learn more about the styling aspects of different clothes and products. You can use your creativity to add your personal touch to the styles. Customers can look at these videos and use them as a reference when they get the outfits.  

Setting trends 

One benefit of fashion hauls is that it helps set trends. Influencers can help market clothes and before you know it, everyone wants the outfit or product. The best way to market products is by finding a trending influencer and having them use your product. With the power of the internet, it won’t take long till word spreads and your outfit starts trending.  

These are just some of the benefits of fashion hauls. With retail therapy becoming popular, it’s no surprise that you will find more people doing fashion hauls. Do you own a fashion store or feel like you have an eye when it comes to fashion? On your next retail therapy expedition, show off your skills by doing a fashion haul. 

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