How Bria White’s Early Life and Background Helped Shape Her into The Fashion Icon She is Today


A fashion designer oversees and initiates every step of the process from conception to completion of a fashion article, whether it’s an apparel or an artifact. The process begins when designers come up with a concept and eventually turn it into reality. Today, we are meeting with one such accomplished fashion tycoon and social media influencer, Bria White. Bria is an American social media influencer, model, influencer, and businesswoman. She is known for her outspoken and distinctive style which is loved and respected by many. Her entertainment company is only one of several businesses she runs, such as a fashion brand, as well as her expertise and experience being a social media influencer.


Early Life and Background

Having grown up in Silver Spring, Maryland, Bria White was part of a loving family in a household that included both her parents as well as her younger twin sisters. As for who she is today, she owes a great deal to her parents and grandmothers. Her father made many sacrifices for her and her younger sisters. She was fortunate to attend the best schools in Montgomery County, Maryland. This was because her father provided her with the best opportunities which lead to much success early in her life. It was her father’s priority to provide her and her sisters with the best possible opportunities early on in their childhood. As Bria spoke to us, she said, “My parents put me in position to earn a full ride athletic basketball scholarship which resulted in me to earning two degrees while playing basketball at the highest level in college.” She said while reflecting on her childhood and acknowledging the efforts of her parents.

Career and Accomplishments

Bria White played basketball for several years as an NCAA Division I collegiate athlete. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Homeland Security with a concentration in Cybersecurity. What stands out most about Bria, however, is during her dynamic, yet brief tenure as an influencer, she has managed to collaborate with many brands as an entrepreneur and corporate leader.

Being Unique

One must be able to produce content that stands out in the midst of a veritable ocean of content competing for consumers’ attention in order to build a loyal following. According to Bria White, for influencers to create, maintain, and engage loyal audiences, they must master a wide variety of disciplines – writing, photography, community management, project management, and marketing – syncing them into their own unique voice and perspective. “I try keep in mind that I am creating a path for someone else to follow,” said Bria while reflecting upon her progress in the field.

Some Interesting Facts About Bria White 

In addition to her impeccable fashion sense, Bria  has some interesting hobbies. For starters, when she’s not out of town doing photoshoots, Bria loves riding dirt bikes. She got her first one she she was about 8 years old and had a love for them ever since. She also really enjoys working out to maintain her physique —we can expect a physique shoot very soon.  

Bria White’s Gratefulness

Bria has always been thankful to all her fans and followers for showing their everlasting support. During our interview, what resonated the most was Bria’s mindset. To Bria, mistakes are merely part of the process. “They facilitate reflection and show you what you need to revise and improve on along the way, “she reflected. She further recalls that finding out what works for you can serve as a blueprint to provide the opportunity to guide others along the way. “Seeing what worked for you and sharing that insight with others is powerful because it can help them speed up their process, whilst avoiding the mistakes you made in the process. That’s why mentors and coaching is so vital to success,” she expressed. 

Your Network is your Net worth 

Bria considers herself blessed to have so many amazing mentors growing up who shaped her to be the woman she is today. Growing up, Bria would go to the local Recreation Center in her neighborhood everyday after school where she would connect with her trainers and friends from the neighborhood to work on her basketball skills. “Having the access to people who had been where I was trying to go made all the difference for me,” she asserted. Having great mentors played an immense role in my life early on, and in turn, inspired me to want to give back in the same way as so many others did for me. It was amazing talking to Bria! During our interview, we noticed that she is a very humble and down to earth person and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for her in the future. 

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