How Moneyak Jb Is Making His Mark In The Afrobeats Music Industry

Moneyak Jb

The previous decade has seen a dramatic increase in talented musical artists. It has enjoyed a good season as music streaming services’ technological advancements gave people a wider ground to explore new music. It has been difficult for many artists to stay ahead of this dynamic market. However, Moneyak JB, a Zimbabwean-based Afrobeats musician, proved that it is not an easy feat but not impossible. Moneyak JB has not only managed to cut through the noise and stay in the spotlight, but he has also inspired other upcoming artists.                                         

Moneyak`s inspiration in Afrobeats was sparked by the likes of Wizkid and Burna Boy. Before long, he knew music was the right path to follow, and he didn’t hesitate. Moneyak immersed himself in music and practiced different styles. From hip-hop to pop and other genres, Moneyak was interested in learning it all.                                                                                                                             

Determined to become as big as his musical influences, Moneyak JB was enrolled in a music school in South Africa to further cultivate his skills. With many years of exposure to music and practice backing his skill, it didn’t take him long to thrive. The results of years of training and his persistence first manifested at a competition held at the music school. During the event, Moneyak had to face the best pianist at the school, whom he beat hands down to the title that year.                                           

Winning all those titles at school triggered another phase for the budding star. Moneyak strives for perfection in his work and is always eager to learn and improve his skills. His goal is to attract a more diverse audience that will appreciate his compositions.                                                                         

Moneyak JB, being an ambitious musician, has one of his goals to create a musician`s association to assist other upcoming artists. He also aspires to travel and perform his shows in the company of famous musicians in sold-out arenas and spread love through music to larger audiences across the globe.                                                 

Adding further, Moneyak JB says that he loves being a freelance musician while also tutoring other upcoming artists to develop their art and help them get closer to their music goals. He also mentions how he always remained passionate about art and culture and how, for him, music accompanies all.

Besides being a musician and pianist, he is also a professional volleyball player. He loves listening to music before and during his training as it helps him to relax and destress, putting him in a good mood.                                                                                                                                                                          

As a young musician in the present generation, Moneyak JB aspires to evolve the space and make it even more progressive. His sound combines elements of Western mix for an irresistible Afrobeats mix. Moneyak JB believes that change is needed in the music industry, and he wants to be ahead of it. In the meantime, JB continues to cultivate his skills and become a better musician for his fans.

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