How’ Vision For Mastery Program by Ngan Nguyen is Helping Other Businesses


Entrepreneurship has grown in popularity in recent years since it has included many new characteristics. People are planning about it and developing business models around it to become the best at what they do. Many businesses are developing beneficial programs, and many people are learning and benefiting from them.

Ngan Nguyen is an entrepreneur who inspires others to establish their own businesses. Ngan inspires individuals to create their own businesses and achieve their goals. She has even created a platform for such individuals to communicate and develop a community to assist one another.

How Did Ngan Nguyen Achieve It All?

Ngan Nguyen is a Cintamani Group director with an inspiring story. She is a self-made businesswoman that started from nothing yet has lofty goals in life. Her family moved from Vietnam to the United States when she was seven years old. Her parents worked really hard and conducted community service to raise their children. Even still, they struggled to make ends meet, which led to her dropping out of school. Ngan became homeless at the age of sixteen when she left her home owing to financial difficulties. She eventually earned her high school certificate at Portland’s John Marshall Night School before enrolling in Linn-Benton Community College and ultimately transferring to Oregon State University.

What Is Her Business About?

Through effective strategy formulation and collaboration, Cintamani Group aims to align global and public interests with those of private enterprises. She also offers a ‘Vision For Mastery Accelerator Program,’ which helps people gain a direction in establishing their business and gives a platform for them to do so.

Ngan is also working to establish a women’s professional network in London (London Chapter of the International Association of Women). The organization promotes the development of women and communities globally and equality. The board consists of ten women and senior advisers from the London region, and the team’s goal is to provide a healthy atmosphere that benefits the community and allows members to grow.

Her professional motto is, “Bringing people and organizations together in a way that creates an environment for them to thrive; enabling them to live in and experience greater abundance while creating impact that surpasses the ultimate test of time.”

Her website is an excellent resource for anybody interested in learning more about her accelerator program and supporting foreign development. If any of the strategy work interests entrepreneurs or business readers, direct them to the Cintamani Group website.

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People who are starting out as new entrepreneurs and searching for encouragement and a platform in the area might choose Ngan’s program. It is a difficult trip, but finding like-minded individuals and strong motivators who have been through a difficult journey themselves is the ultimate illustration of leadership. It is also beneficial for businesses that want direction and plan to carry their operations forward since she also assists them. Her website has further information.

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