The Power of an Effective Rebranding: How HyperGo Wipes Became a Lifestyle Brand

As many businesses are eager to return to pre-pandemic norms, some entrepreneurs like 21-year-old Freddy Bunkers, have already set their sights on the future.

Bunkers has already achieved remarkable success with his brand HyperGo Wipes, an eco-friendly cleansing wipe meant for an athletic lifestyle.  “The premise for our wipes was to be an accessory to a busy athletic life. I imagined people who biked to work but lacked an office shower or busy parents who didn’t have time between working out and running errands” he explained.

From the start, HyperGo Wipes were an immediate hit with athletes, hikers, and other fitness enthusiasts. However, as the pandemic upended normal life for much of the world, Bunkers questioned the viability of his branding.

“During the pandemic, I watched as offices, gyms, and lives started to shut down,” Bunkers said. “After everything shut down and everyone was stuck at home, I realized that HyperGo needed to pivot to other types of customers.” 

With outdoor lifestyle trends like van life and backpacking gaining popularity during the pandemic, the decision to rebrand not only felt natural, but it felt necessary. “I wanted to make sure HyperGo appealed to those who were out experiencing the earth or experiencing it at home.” Bunkers continued, “HyperGo is perfect for weekend camping trips where showers are sparse, or Pilates workouts at home before hopping onto a zoom call.”

The consumer shift towards an outdoor lifestyle wasn’t the only factor for HyperGo’s rebranding. Originally, HyperGo’s branding was heavily masculine, and Bunkers felt that the “gym bros” marketing left many markets untapped. “I rebranded HyperGo as a lifestyle brand because I really wanted to tap into the female consumer market” Bunkers shared.

Through rebranding, Bunkers hoped that by expanding his consumer base, he would be able to expand to additional markets and product lines. “I wanted our wipes to feel like a necessary addition to everyone, and not just those who hit the gym twice a day” he explained.

Bunkers’ lifestyle rebranding is also in line with his commitments to environmental stewardship. From the onset, HyperGo wipes have been manufactured with biodegradable materials and have used carbon-neutral shipping methods to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint.

Since the vigorous rebranding, HyperGo Wipes look and feel like a new product. With simplified pastel packaging and fragrances like Mint and Lavender, HyperGo has successfully transitioned into a lifestyle brand meant for everyday use.

With a brand that has already captured the attention of international athletes from the NFL, NASCAR, and MMA and has recently refocused its efforts on marketing to a broader batch of consumers, Bunkers has shown us the powerful impact of an effective rebranding.

“I cannot express how often I use HyperGo Wipes” Bunkers shared. “Post workout? Wipe. Messy meal at In-N-Out? Wipe. Babysitting family and the kids get dirty? Wipe. My goal is to make sure everyone knows how much simpler life can be with a trusty HyperGo wipe.”

Following the successful rebranding, Bunkers is feeling hopeful about the future. With new uses for the wipes being discovered every day and a new product line stewing on the back burner, be sure to look out for HyperGo wipes over the coming years!

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