Immortal Warriors: “Toast to the Brave” by Tarah Who?

“Toast to the Brave” celebrates courageous people’s extreme sacrifices and unconquered spirit. LA-based rock duo Tarah Who? released a high-powered, emotionally gripping single that is on another level. Known for making distinctive and masterful music, they have not only dropped a new song but a dramatic music video as well.

Unstoppable resiliency and death row courage are the driving forces behind “Toast to the Brave.” Are you bored with music videos that have nothing meaningful to say? Then, you are in luck because Tarah Who? ’s latest visual masterpiece offers men and women something exciting and profound. Enriched with compelling messages, you should look no further than “Toast to the Brave.”

“Toast to the Brave” begins with a spine-tingling intro. And it lasts eight seconds. After the song’s opening reaches a supreme climax, the fantastic vocals emerge on the rock-solid tune, brilliantly produced by Jason Orme and vocalist Tarah G. Carpenter.

The first verse starts with heartfelt lyrics – “Don’t be afraid, you’ve got to be brave / We will all end up there anyway You know there is nothing / You are facing your fate / As a leader you’ve got to find your strengths.” Following that, Tarah elevates the powerful songwriting with an incredible vocal performance. Later, the tune climbs to a peak between 1:50 and 2:04.


With high-quality music, superb vocals, and songwriting that stands out a mile, how can you not know Tarah Who? While their impressive music continues to take the world by storm, there is nowhere for Tarah Who? to go but up. Stream “Toast to the Brave” right now.

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