Indian Actress Sara Banerjee Discusses How to Deliver Incredible Auditions

Sara Banerjee is an Indian-American actress and writer from California’s Bay Area. She is most well-known for her appearance in the film American Blend and the TV shows Criminal Minds Beyond Borders (CBS) and Passions (NBC). She has also been featured in national commercials for 24 Hour Fitness, 3-M, and Logitech.


Sara has spent years developing a deeply methodical process for delivering successful audition pieces. She attributes her professional success to a consistent, step-by-step pattern that ensures a high-level performance every time. 


We sat down with Sara to get the inside scoop on what makes her acting stand out against the competition.


Deep Meditation & Visualization


Sara believes the real secret to success in any industry is to be a grounded individual living a holistic lifestyle. 


For this reason, meditation has become an enormously significant part of her daily routine. Meditation has been used since time immemorial to cultivate a deeper understanding of oneself, other people, and the mysterious forces of the universe. This enhanced sense of connection allows you to have a stronger influence over your life and surroundings.


Sara Banerjee incorporates this practice in her acting career through visualizations. 


The morning of an audition, she will sink into deep meditation through a series of breathing exercises and picture her success. She will then connect to the feelings and emotions associated with that moment of glory. The trick is to cultivate the experience of your desired outcome as if it is already happening.


Everything you want is already yours, as long as you believe it. Visualization brings this self-belief into your body, and your actions will follow suit.


Staying Connected


Once you are relaxed, open, and tapped into the universe’s infinite potential, Sara finds it helpful to nurture her connections with others. 


Whether it’s with her managers, nonprofit partners, friends, or family, she takes the opportunity to be of service. She will express her gratitude for their role in her life and let them know that they, too, are essential and limitless.


No man is an island, and although we each possess infinite potential, we are irrevocably interdependent on one another. Therefore, our success is forever bound.

Intentional Journaling


The next step in the Indian Actress Sara Banerjee’s high-achieving formula is to journal. Writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences allows you to sort things through in a way that is impossible when they are still floating around in your head.


A journal is also a great reference point to keep your experiences in perspective. On a hard day, your old journal entries will remind you that there are still many beautiful things going on in your life. On a good day, you will be reminded that life always has its ups and downs, and you’d be wise to stay present and have gratitude for the moment.


Taking Warm Showers


Before delivering a captivating audition, the final step is to take a hot shower. Sara sees this as an energetic cleansing and reports having several mental breakthroughs in this space. After shedding her old skin, she is reborn into reality, achieving what she visualized earlier that morning.


Indian Actress Sara Banerjee is an experienced actor who has spent years developing a successful brand for herself, and mastering the audition process is a byproduct of that. 

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