inPOWERED: The Lamp That Turns On When The Power Goes Out

What problem does the inPOWERED solve?

When a power outage hits, we all go to find flashlights and candles. Flashlight batteries are sometimes dead and candles can be dangerous. inPOWERED Lights solves this problem with a patented technology that automatically switches from AC (Electric) to DC power when it senses that power has been lost. We call it AUTOLIGHT Technology-When power goes out, our lights come on.

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Cherie and John Cunningham founded inPOWERED Lights with the mission of bringing the AUTOLIGHT technology to market and helping women entrepreneurs succeed in business. They launched their first products in February of 2021 and have an exciting product road. They plan to launch their latest products on Indiegogo in January and then take their products to retail partners. 

How did they come up with the idea?

Russie and Keene Jones developed the technology after a power outage caused their Father to trip over an oxygen tank in the dark. The accident forced them to ask the question “why don’t lights come on when the power is lost?”. Keene being an electrical engineer went to solve the problem by creating the patented technology.  Russie and Keene partnered with inPOWERED Lights to license the patent.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

The lights are both decorative and functional. They provide lighting and charging on a daily basis but in the case of an emergency, it acts as a source of power and light.  You can charge your smartphone or provide light for up to 24 hours….enough time to get your power restored. You will never be in the dark with inPOWERED Lights.

What do customers love most about the product?

The sense of security while acting as a stylish table lamp. People love the Lamp Angel for its security but more importantly, its color-changing basis is controlled by remote or smartphone. Whether you are an adult or child, Lamp Angel is fun to have a decorative lamp.

Where can people get this product?,,,

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