3 C’s of Instagram Growth by Vikas Roy

We all want to grow on social media and want to build our business there.

But, Do you know what are the best ways to do that?

Most of the gurus told you that only content can help you in your growth. But that’s not true.

Vikas Roy told us the 3 C’s to grow on any social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Tiktok)

Here are 3C’s:
1) Content
2) Community
3) Consistency

Let’s see all 3 in detail:
1) Content:
No doubt good engaging content can help you in your growth. But the content which serves your
audience is the best one. Always create content which demands by your audience. Because at the
end of the day your content is not for you. It’s your audience.

2) Community:
Yeah, good content is one thing to grow but if you are not networking or not building your
community. You can’t exist in the industry for a longer time.
Your community is for your help and support in your growth.

Think Like this:-
You are an Instagram creator and share your content.
According to an Instagram algorithm if you get a good amount of engagement in the initial hours
of your content. Your content can perform better.

And here’s the trick, If you have a good community over there they can engage in the initial
hours and your content can go viral.

That’s the power of community.

3) Consistency:
Creating good content and growth takes time and if you are consistent enough you can grow.

Creating good content takes practice and if you are creating consistently creating content you can
easily improve your content quality.

So always follow these. It’s my best advice for every content creators.

Thank you!

About Vikas Roy: Vikas Roy is an Instagram Growth Hacker and Web Developer. He is also a Founder of an E-
learning platform BizCrown India Pvt. Ltd.

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