Is Mouth Taping the Key to Getting a More Restful and Restorative Night’s Sleep?


While there may be debate about the ideal amount of sleep one should aim for each night (the CDC recommends adults get at least seven hours), there’s no question that sleep is one of the most impactful lifestyle factors one can focus on when it comes to maximizing their health.

Cognitive function, weight management, athletic performance, and heart health are just a few of the benefits that compounding research has attributed to healthy sleep habits over the years, and the full list is much longer, reaching as far as improved mood and lower levels of stress.

Yet, more than one-third of U.S. adults report sleeping less than seven hours per night, on average, according to survey data from And it’s not necessarily by choice, with the same data revealing that over 55% of U.S. adults report having used at least one sleep aid (such as melatonin) in the past month.

While every person is unique and one-size-fits-all solutions are rare, if non-existent, when it comes to health and wellness, one sleep aid that has recently been making the viral rounds on social media seems to be hitting close to the mark.

Dream Tape, made by premium sleep brand Dream Recovery, is a specialized tape that users place over their mouth before sleep to encourage nasal breathing during the night. The benefits of nasal breathing are well documented, including filtration of air being inhaled into the lungs, supporting healthy blood pressure, and improved digestion. During sleep, nasal breathing has been found to improve sleep quality through various mechanisms and even reduce snoring.

Dream Recovery, which also sells high-quality sleep masks and pillowcases, launched Dream Tape back in June. In short order, the product has become the brand’s best-selling item.

Made from bamboo silk—a luxurious and eco-friendly fabric drawn from the fibers of bamboo plants—Dream Tape provides a gentle touch against the skin, promoting a soothing and peaceful sleep environment. With its natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, bamboo silk helps maintain a clean and hygienic sleep surface. Dream Tape also uses a medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive that ensures a gentle yet firm hold throughout the night.

Available exclusively online through Dream Recovery’s website, Dream Tape is available in one-, three-, and six-month supplies and a subscription offer allows customers to save up to 21% on recurring orders.

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If customer reviews and social media buzz are to be believed, it may just be the stuff dreams are made of!

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