Jav Sid: From slums to 6 figures

Jav Sid

Jav Sid grew up in a difficult childhood, facing immense financial struggles and limitations. Yet, despite this, she was determined to change her life and make the most of her opportunities.

When she was little, Jav watched her parents work tirelessly to provide for their family, scraping by on very little money and never having the chance to enjoy any of the luxuries that most people take for granted. However, Jav’s parents understood the importance of good education, and the kids attended a private school. As a result, Jav became determined to break out of the cycle of poverty and resolved to go to Ivy League College at any price.

First steps in business

Even though her family didn’t have WiFi at home, Jav never stopped looking for ideas to start earning. She borrowed WiFi from neighbors and discovered she could start a blog and earn through blogging. After graduation, a young girl knew how to sew and started her bags sewing blog. For that, Jav used her savings from tutoring primary school kids and the help of a friend (now husband) who was able to purchase hosting services for her using his uncle’s account.

Selling hand-made bags was going with moans and groans. When talking about it, Jav smiles and calls it “a total loss.” In Saudi Arabia, that kind of business was not very rewarding. So Jav switched to selling bag sewing patterns through her blog. It resulted in $500 in income in the first year. It was something, but definitely not enough.

During the day, Jav worked in the labs and attended lectures in college studying Biotechnology in Malaysia — and at night, she was working on her business, trying to figure out the software. Life was constant stress and pressure, with no room for any kind of free time and little space for creativity.

The blog needed traffic to sell patterns. It was 2016, and Jav made only $500 per month — nowhere close to the amount required to attend an Ivy League school. Jav knew she had passion and drive, but she lacked direction. Finally, the decision came itself — she needed help.

Pivot point

A blogging course looked like a good and affordable option, so Jav Sid decided to take the plunge and enroll. She was amazed at the course’s impact on her blogging business, doubling her income in just two months. INSTANT SUCCESS! With the help of a professional coach and a wealth of online resources, she could finally achieve the success she had been striving for. That remarkable occurrence completely blew her mind, and she only wished that she had decided to do that sooner.

Making more than $3000 a month, Jav realized she didn’t need an Ivy League degree to achieve her goals. Her blog quickly became a go-to resource for people looking for her helpful tips and practical advice. That, in turn, led to increased sales of bag sewing patterns.

Finally, Jav started to make a consistent and tangible monthly income, allowing herself to have more freedom and travel a lot during the last two years of her college.

A collapse and fundamental change

Moving to Australia in 2018 made Jav Sid realize she needed to find something more profitable and popular. So she recalled her biggest childhood dream of owning a fashion label. Launching a very own handbag company felt epic. But after six months, Jav had to close it down because she couldn’t physically sew that many bags by herself, and it was impossible to find reliable staff in Australia.

Sewing had been her side hustle for years, but if Jav Sid wanted to hit the 6-figure point, she knew she had to switch focus and find a new craft trending in the crafting industry. So she started researching and saw that SVG cut files were rapidly gaining popularity, especially with the rise of Cricut machines. Recognizing this was an excellent opportunity to make real money, Jav decided to start designing SVG cut files and selling them online through her own Cricut blog and SVG store.

With years of experience working as both a designer and a marketer, Jav was able to create high-quality SVG designs that were truly unique quickly. She used her knowledge of sewing patterns to guide her in creating clean lines with precision, so her designs looked great when cut out using the Cricut machine. And within a year of launching her SVG shop, she had already made over $70,000 – well on her road to achieving her goal of making six figures. And it happened! Right after the sales have grown by 55000%!

Complete freedom

After getting an invitation to design SVG templates for the Official Cricut website, Jav realized just how much potential there is in this growing craft community. It was the milestone after which she decided to pursue her dreams and become a coach for SVG crafters.

Today, Jav Sid focuses on coaching as her main activity. However, thanks to the success of her SVG business, she has been able to enjoy many luxuries, such as expensive clothing from her favorite designer, Michael Kors, a horse-riding hobby, and funding her husband’s degree in a prestigious university in Australia – all with just 20 hours of work per week on her own schedule!

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Despite all these benefits, Jav Sid ensures that other SVG crafters have the same opportunities and freedom she has enjoyed. Through her coaching programs, she helps others succeed in this industry and empowers them to create their own freedom and triumph.

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