DETROIT, MI — On May 31, 2022, John Conyers will rally at his campaign headquarters with former Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee Jr., Jacob Blake Sr., and the aunt of Breonna Taylor, Bianca Austin to support an executive order from the President on use of force rules while insisting that the fight to end police brutality must continue.

As the son of the longest-serving Black congressman in U.S. history, John witnessed firsthand battles for racial justice and efforts to combat police brutality from leaders like his father.  

“I reached out to Jacob Blake Sr. after watching him speak so passionately about his son’s tragic shooting by Kenosha police. Through him, I met Bronna Taylor’s aunt, Bianca Austin, and in those shared conversations it was clear that so much more work has to be done. I am blessed to have earned their support in this campaign and pledge to be a voice and advocate for families who suffer at the hands of police brutality across this nation in Congress.” 

Conyers, Blake, and Austin will also be joined by former police Chief Ralph Godbee Jr. to stand in support of a proposed executive order from President Joe Biden on use of force measures by Federal officers. Conyers also pledges to support further reforms regarding local and state police. 

“In my first 100 days as a member of congress I promise to work to codify in our national body of laws and end to no-knock warrants among other measures introduced in the Executive Order to ensure that we work towards ending police brutality against Black Americans,” said Conyers.

WHERE: John Conyers for Congress campaign headquarters – 13900 Gratiot Ave, Detroit MI 48205



ABOUT JOHN CONYERS FOR CONGRESS: John Conyers III, an entrepreneur, and son of former Representative John Conyers, Jr., is a Democrat running to represent Michigan’s 13th Congressional District to bring institutional understanding and modern leadership to serve the people of the district. 

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