Jonathan Osler Discusses The True Meaning of Education

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Jonathan Osler Discusses The True Meaning of Education

Jonathan Osler for more than 20 years worked to fuel the movement for racial justice in America, as an organizer and trainer of people who want to get involved, connecting grassroots activists with national leaders. He has given talks and workshops on the relationship between education and racial justice in communities all across the country. He is a high communicator, organizer, and trainer, in addition to a writer. He was with the Southern Poverty Law Center from its founding in 1971, where he worked on desegregation school cases in the south. He has written numerous articles and one book on racial justice in education. He is the founder of Terra-Justa, based in Oakland, California, works to end institutionalized racism. The organization’s goal is to help people learn how to stop systems of injustice. Furthermore, the organization gives people tools and skills to organize, persuade and win their campaigns. Under his leadership, Terra-Justa has trained hundreds of thousands of people nationally and internationally.

Osler’s Experience As a Professor

He was formerly an Assistant Professor at the University Of California at Berkeley. Jonathan Osler is passionate about education as a tool to break down racism. He believes education is vital in helping people understand the root causes of racism and supporting those fighting for social justice. One of his best-known concepts is “the true meaning of education.”

In his work, he encourages people to examine their beliefs about black people and white people and how they impact their actions and relationships. The best way to change society is through education.

Jonathan Osler discusses the true meaning of education with Terra Justa’s Director Ryan Conrad – a conversation about how educators can cultivate conditions where students are learning not just for a test score or future job but for their actual betterment, enlightenment, and sovereign humanity. This conversation spearheaded by Terra Justa will encourage educators to work to end oppression through progressive education and social movement building education justice.

He’s Passion in Creating Impacts Among Students

He’s very passionate about making a lasting impact on his students. In fact, he promises his students that if they listen to what he says and do what he tells them to do, they will succeed. As a figure of authority in the schools, Jonathan Osler has an infinite potential to change the education that many people are currently looking for. Even though we have a lot of evidence proving that Jonathan Osler’s methods work, there’s still a long way to go before we see changes in our school systems. One of Jonathan Osler’s main pieces of advice for educators is always to learn something new every day. This will help them challenge traditional ways of thinking and understand subjects and topics they are dealing with. What makes teachers successful are their own opinions, drive, and passion for making a difference in this world. Jonathan Osler, as an educator, is constantly engaged in learning and shares that same drive to make a difference in this world. He also advocates for more open, honest dialogue when hate and misunderstanding are so rampant. He believes that racial justice can only be achieved if we have conversations about race.

Osler encourages students to make themselves an asset in society and never give up. He tells them not to be a wallflower but that they should speak up for those who do not have a voice. Furthermore, he tells his students that their actions speak louder than words. If their actions are truly aligned with their beliefs and are good, then they will genuinely make a difference.


Jonathan Osler is a leader of change in the classroom and the world. He’s a brilliant speaker, organizer, and trainer. He is also a writer who gives talks and workshops on the relationship between education and racial justice in communities all across the country. Osler is an inspiration to his students, colleagues, and the whole Black community he’s a part of. He’s worked tirelessly to provide justice for those who have been oppressed throughout history by these systems of injustice.

Osler is a well-respected leader, but not many people know his work as an educator. His work has been featured in many education blogs, including Edutopia, Education Week, and US News & World Report. Osler had also influenced educators worldwide to make a difference in their schools by providing resources on his website.

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